Men’s Boots That Aren’t Boring Are at Spendless!

Have you been searching for men’s boots but can't find a style that doesn’t look dull?


Let us share a little secret if you’re nodding your head in frustration. One brand has all the styles that excite and impress the people who will see you. Any guesses?


If you answered Spendless, you are correct!


The brand has provided quality and stylish men’s boots through the years. Loyal customers keep returning because they can’t get enough of the shoes. Once they discovered that Spendless men’s boots were not dull, they returned for more.


And so should you. With the help of the team from Spendless, we’re giving you a rundown of all things related to men’s boots - why do guys love them, and what styles should you get? If you’re ready, let’s do it!


Why Do Guys Love Them?


Guys have various reasons why they love having a pair of boots in their closet. These shoes have brought people to numerous events, enduring inclement weather and wear and tear. Is your reason for getting one the same as theirs?


Range of options 


Guys love them because they come in a range of options. It’s exciting to check out the various styles and how each can elevate their look. 


Lace and pull-on are the most common, but the choices do not end there. Spendless has others that will make you eager for more.




Guys love wearing these during the winter because they have proven that wearing these shoes will keep them steady while navigating slippery surfaces. These shoes have gripped soles ready to conquer the worst winter weather. 




Comfort goes hand in hand with stability. Your feet do not need to claw and grip hard to remain steady on various surfaces because they do all the work. 


These shoes absorb impact, keep you warm and dry, and protect you from the natural elements, which are several ways of keeping you cosy.




Most reach the ankle or slightly higher, supporting your feet and ankles and ensuring they remain steady and aligned as you walk on different sidewalks and pathways. 


Classic style 


Guys get turned off by tacky shoes. But since boots are the opposite, you know why people love them. The footwear’s classic style transcends fashion trends. 


While new hypes keep coming and last for a season or two, boots remain at the top of their game. Years later, we bet your shoe option will remain chic and popular.




While most people thinkboots are solely for autumn and winter, they are, in fact, trans-seasonal shoes, which means you can wear them all year. 


Style them appropriately for spring and summer. If guys were to create a capsule wardrobe, this shoe style would be one of the first!


Which Spendless Styles to Get?


Narrowing down the options can be a headache because all the boots available are of excellent quality. Where else can you find the best shoes that won’t exceed your budget?


1. Pull-On


If you love style without the fuss, you’re in for a treat with these pull-on men’s boots. The lack of any fastening makes wearing these shoes a breeze. With the help of pull tabs at the back of the boots, you can quickly slip your feet inside. 


Elastic side gussets provide a comfortable fit, expanding to accommodate any foot shape and reverting to a snug fit.


Chance is an excellent Spendless option to consider. These boots have a glossy leather-look material that you can wear to work and special events. 


The versatility of this shoe makes it suitable for jeans and suits. Attend special occasions with these shoes; we guarantee people will tell you they are far from boring.


2. Lace-Up Boots


Like the pull-on, laced boots also reach the ankle, but their similarities end there. The laced option at Spendless has a massive tongue and eyelets where you weave the laces through. 


While laces provide an adjustable fit, some guys find it taxing to tie laces, which usually steers them away from buying these boots. But Spendless has a special surprise because it listens to your needs. 


The Spendless laced boots have a side zipper that locks you inside the shoes in seconds. Now that is ease of wear!


Patrol is an excellent pair of laced boots at Spendless. It has a smooth, shiny finish that boosts its laid-back appeal. Wear these shoes with dark denim jeans and a white button-down long-sleeve shirt for that excitingly handsome look!


3. Combat


Men’s combat boots are laced footwear with a history on the battlefield. It provided the military with protection, comfort, and support in battle. From the fields, these boots have moved on to conquer the fashion streets. 


These shoes go slightly higher than the ankles, providing more coverage and support. Wearing these shoes adds to your rugged points and ensures comfort and stability.


Report is exciting not only on the field but also on the streets. These Spendless men’s combat boots have a smooth, shiny finish, a contrasting sole, and a functional side zipper, making wearing them a breeze.


4. Work


Men’s work boots also fall into the laced category. These shoes work double time to ensure you are safe and stable in rough work conditions. 


But do not limit this footwear style to manual labour scenarios only because they sport a tough and rugged look, which appeals to several guys.


Harvest is a tan-coloured pair of men’s work boots from Spendless. It has a functional side zipper for easy wearing, a laced upper for an adjustable fit, and steel-capped toes for safety. 


These shoes will look amazing with jeans, but ensure you leave your hard hat behind when you go.


Add Excitement to Your Life with Spendless!


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