Looking For Affordable School Shoes This School Year? Look No Further Than Spendless Shoes!

You'll Be Spoiled For Choice With Our Range Of School Shoes 

Are you ready to send your kids back to the classroom? Need a new pair of school shoes to start their education off on the right foot? Spendless has just what you need! Our vast selection of styles will ensure every kid can find their perfect fit.

The great styles we have waiting

At Spendless, we have school shoes for every kind of student!

You cannot go wrong with the classics, which is why glossy, black, round-toed, lace-up school shoes are our top sellers. These come with durable tread and flexible soles that will give kids supreme comfort. If you want a style that will never look out of place in the classroom, then these are it!

Sandals are an excellent choice of school shoes too! Airy and breathable, Mary-Jane styles and other looks come with enclosed toes, so they are perfectly safe on the playground. These are especially good for younger kids during the warmer months.

Parents will appreciate our affordable prices

School shoes are the last of a long list of expenses for your kids. Tuition aside, parents already have a lengthy order of stationery supplies, lunch-boxes, backpacks, hats, uniforms, and more things that cost money. Forking out more than you need to for a new pair of school shoes could leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Beyond that, there's also the fact that school shoes need constant replacement. If your kids are steadily growing out of their school shoes or running them ragged, then your wallet will start feeling the pinch!

At Spendless, you get to choose from an affordable selection of diverse styles. We have sporty sandals and Mary-Jane looks, glossy lace-ups, and school shoes with and without velcro straps.

A wide range of sizes

School shoes from Spendless will fit students of all ages. Our sizing for kids runs from Pre-Walker to Preteen, which means you have sixteen sizes to work around. You can easily replace a favourite style of school shoes with the next size up when you kids grow out of them.

Making a move over from child to adult sizes is also simple at Spendless. Our largest sizes of school shoes are the same as the smallest for men and women. Kids with big feet will find their fit easily.

What about types for sport?

Don't forget about your sneakers and trainers! These are another popular style of school shoes thanks to all the sports teams and PE classes. At Spendless, we have plenty of choices in this area!

For a more subtle look, you could choose school shoes in all-black or all-white. With cool panel detailing and a great tread, these sneakers will be an excellent match for any student.

However, if you are allowed a little more free-reign with your sporty footwear, then we have all sort of colours on offer! Red, orange, pink, green, purple, yellow, and blue— you have a rainbow at your fingertips! If your kids are stubborn about getting sneakers in their favourite colour, then the sporty school shoes we have will cater to them!

Shop for school shoes at Spendless today!

If you are getting your kids ready for the classroom, then Spendless has the school shoes that you need! Browse our styles online today to get a look at the entire selection. If you have questions, you can talk to one of our team members online through our LiveChat feature. Otherwise, if you want to try before you buy, then visit us at your local Spendless store! We'd be happy to help get your kids appropriately fitted.

Get school shoes, and the look for less, when you buy at Spendless!