Looking For Affordable Sandals For Both Men And Women?

Spendless Has The Answer!

Are you searching for sandals that can see you through the summer? Spendless Shoes has the ideal range for men and women! You can browse online for a look at our full range of sandals, but we thought we would start you off with the basics!

Down by the beach

If you’re planning on spending the summertime down at the beach or by the pool where you can soak up the sunshine, then it pays to have some sandals that can handle the water!

Our flexible PVC slides and thongs will be great sandals to slide into with wet feet. Plus, they are easy to rinse off and leave out to dry.

However, for something sturdier and more durable at the sole, we do have some great reef-walker sandals. The touch-fastening straps on these sandals will keep feet fastened securely inside, and the hardy tread should help you grip on slippery or wet surfaces and tread easily over loose rocks or sharp shell pieces.

Top picks for casual styling

Our flat platform sandals are providing just as popular as our other padded styles this season, which makes them an easy pick for customers who love the latest trends!  You can get a little boost in height and enjoy a cushioning base that won’t add any pressure to your legs or ankles. Plus, the adjustable comfort given by with the buckled fastenings is another bonus!  

You’ll be seeing thick mule-style sandals for men, women, and kids at Spendless Shoes! Simple and trendy, our slip-on sandals have a broad top band, cool peep-toes, and a laid-back feel. Guys will love the retro vibes our look bring, while ladies will adore the versatility and endless outfit options that come with them!

Wear at formal events

Sandals aren’t just made for the beach you know! We have some stunning kinds that can head out or a dinner date or an official occasion and draw eyes for all the right reasons. When the weather heats up, and shoes with socks bring nothing to your experience but sweaty feet, then you are sure to appreciate some Spendless sandals!

If you need sandals with a little class and sophistication, then Spendless Shoes has some more awesome looks for you to peruse.

For women, it has to be a lace-up style! We have cool faux suede sandals that tie high up your calves and sandals with laser cut-outs that wrap low and lovingly at your ankles. These strappy and crisscrossing looks are flattering on your legs, and easily complement shorts, skirts, or dress that can draw attention to their elongation effect!

For guys, our top picks have to be gladiators. These are a little less strappy than women’s sandals and go for a more partially-enclosed cage style instead. Breathable and light, we think that these men’s sandals are an excellent fit with some nice chino short and a buttoned shirt.

Shopping online

Buying styles online at Spendless Shoes is fast and convenient. With stores packed to the brim over the holidays, it’s no wonder more people are choosing to buy online— especially when we make finding the right sandals as straightforward as we do!

With detailed images, descriptions, material, and sizing information for each style, customers can always make informed decisions about the shoes that they look at buying. Since orders made during an average business week are processed, packing, and posted out the same day, even a standard-speed order will get delivered quickly to New Zealand!

So, why wait?

Spendless Shoes has an excellent range of men’s and women’s sandals. It’s never been easier to find your perfect pair, or to get the look for less! Shop the full New Zealand range online today!