Look at How Far Winter Boots Have Come!

Winter boots have been evolving since they first appeared on our feet!

In recent history, these were given merit purely for their practicality. If they weren’t keeping your feet warm or dry during bad weather, then you might wear them while riding, hunting, or doing other activities. Not only were these also predominantly made for men, but they were limited to predictable and basic styles. Nowadays, men, women, and kids can find winter boots in abundant styles and fashions.

More variety than ever!

In any other era, you would be hard-pressed to find the level of variety available for shoppers that we have now. At Spendless Shoes, instead of allowing one or two essential styles to dominate the shelves, we offer winter boots in all sizes and shapes.

From ankle-high to thigh-high winter boots, Spendless Shoes has kinds to suit any preference. We have classic zip-up styles, ones in animal prints, and everything in between. We even offer several with block heels and wedge platforms, for that extra touch of fashion.

There’s no limit to where or when you can wear these shoes either since so many of our winter boots double as a trans-seasonal option. Ladies can rug-up with a coat and an over-the-knee pair during the colder seasons and bring them back for summer with the right dress or jumpsuit. Guys will have no trouble wearing their ankle-high winter boots throughout the year either, as these look great with long and short pants.

Material revolution

A few decades ago, our calf-high winter boots would have been leather. While leather was considered one of the most enduring materials of yesteryear, Spendless Shoes has the perfect alternative these days. Our synthetic leather-look winter boots are almost identical to the genuine thing, but also have a surplus of benefits. For one thing, they’re a vegan-friendly item designed with no animal exploitation involved. If you love ethical fashion, then stylish winter boots like these are non-negotiable. In terms of durability, synthetic material also has excellent water resistance and is difficult to wear down or mark.

Winter boots with faux suede and faux fur have similar benefits. You get the same softness and elegant styling that you would from an animal-based material, and maintain a vegan-friendly status at the same time. Whether you want a snuggly new pair of slippers with fluffy lining or some extra warm winter boots, our faux styles are an ideal match.

In this age, rain-ready styles are finally perfect. Since the introduction of rubber and other synthetic materials, the dream of waterproof winter boots has subsequently gotten achieved. Instead of ruining regular shoes in mud and puddles, our easily rinsed designs can be cleaned and worn again in no time!

How have work pairs changed?

Back in the day, winter boots were typically seen as a shoe style for male labours and workers, since the high cut protected more of their feet and legs. While our heavy-duty winter boots are still must-have styles for workers, there are plenty of extra features to enjoy in 2019.

Steel-capped toes protect digits from being crushed, stubbed, or otherwise hurt. Thick soles safeguard vulnerable feet from hazards (electrical or otherwise) and sharp objects. Slip-resistant winter boots can tough out the wet weather masterfully, and keep the wearer steady while they’re on the job. With all of these added features and more to give your winter boots an extra edge, who wouldn’t want a pair for their next shift?

So, enjoy the present with winter boots!

You have a plethora of styles to choose from at Spendless Shoes, and they’re all amazingly affordable! There’s never been a better decade to buy winter boots, so take your pick!