Little Feet – how to find a pair of shoes they will love

Find The Perfect Pair Of Kids Shoes 

Let's get real for a moment; kids shoes are adorable. They are tiny, colourful, and come with all sorts of colour patterns and features. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an adult shoe that lights up when you walk? Exactly.

There is no reason that shopping for kids shoes should be a painful or annoying experience. These might be the last few years your children will ever let you pick their outfits again, so you had better make the most of it. At Spendless, we have kids shoes covered.

Great features

Aside from the fun light-up styles we already brought up, there are some handy features in all designs of our kids' shoes. Maybe it is the convenient velcro straps for children too young to tie laces, and who would otherwise lose yet another pair of kids shoes. Perhaps it is the soft, flexible material of our First Walker kids shoes, providing developing feet with lightweight cushioning and protection.

For the boys

In the boy's section, you can find kids shoes like sandals, dress, sneakers, casuals, boots, slippers and rainboots. We have a range of styles that vary from bright and vibrant colours to more subdued tones. These include black, grey, white, tan and brown, red, blue, navy and wheat. We have dress styles for little groomsmen, rainboots perfect for splashing in puddles, and casual trainers as cool as the adult kinds. Our kids' shoes also feature designs from much-loved movies and cartoons, so your child can dress like their favourite heroes.

For the girls

In the girl's section, we have a range of kids shoes which include sandals, dress, sneakers, casuals, boots, slippers and rainboots. Spendless provides such a colour range in our girls' section that we are sure you will find a pair that your little girl will love. You can choose from colours such as black, silver, white, natural, gold, metallic, tan, pink, purple and blue! We have stylish kids shoes with stitched or metallic decoration. Try some of our boots for warm and fluffy faux fur. Would your girls love to wear kids shoes with their favourite characters from TV shows and movies? Check out some of our Licensed products and choose from the very best.

Our First Walkers

Our First Walkers section includes a range of kids shoes including little booties and lots of velcro straps. You will find a variety of colours and styles in our first walkers' section, and some even have some friendly animals on them! These are kids shoes designed uniquely for toddlers, and for who comfort and flexibility is a must. There is enough of a sole on these to protect your little one's feet from sharp objects as they learn to walk, but the soles themselves remain very flexible and forgiving. They are also flat, which is important at this age as foot arch does not develop until later, and our First walkers keep your toddler's feet in a neutral position.

Where to find them

To find our range of kids shoes, you can head to our online store at Spendless where we have an entire category for children. Under the kids' section, you will find boys, girls and first walkers, so there is something for children of all ages. Otherwise, you can always head into one of our many stores across Australia and browse styles in person.

At Spendless, we pride ourselves on some of the cutest kids shoes around. Don't believe us? Come and see for yourself! In no time at all, your little one will be racing around in their perfect new pair. Get the look for less at Spendless, and have some fun finding kids shoes for your child.