Ladies guide to buying safety shoes

When you have to purchase women's safety shoes for work, you need a style that ticks off everything,

Women's safety shoes are an expected feature across a wide range of professions. Everything from hospitality, aged care, barista work, or fast food service might require women's safety shoes as part of a uniform.
Spendless are ready to help you find women's safety shoes which are certified, have non-slip properties, are durable, and fit well! You can see the range of our slip-resistant women's safety shoes on our website under the central women's category. Slip resistance is an integral part of women's safety shoes, and its importance cannot be overstated. Slips and falls lead to a high number of workplace injuries, both major and minor, so better traction and a better grip is an excellent addition to women's safety shoes.

So What Do I Look For in Women's Safety Shoes?


One of the essential elements of women's safety shoes for work is that they are certified. At Spendless Shoes, our Everflex Sure Step styles have been received proper certification, as they were designed for employees of hospitality and aged care industries.

Non-slip properties

The next is ensuring that our women's safety shoes have non-slip features such as a slip-resistant sole and oil resistant outsole. Depending on where you work, your women's safety shoes may come into regular contact with oils or other substances that make floors slippery. The excellent grip on our women's safety shoes and cleverly designed soles help protect you from falling and sliding. The commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole, heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support, and the flexible padded innersole make these women's safety shoes perfect for all-day comfort.
Plus, we will not make you hunt for them. At Spendless Shoes we are proud of our women's safety shoes, so we draw particular attention tour range online to help you find styles that fit all these requirements.


Another thing to look for in women's safety shoes is durability. Our Everflex sure step shoes have heaps of padding on our sole to ensure durability and also heel impact cushioning for shock absorption to provide stability. There is no point in buying a pair of women's safety shoes that crack and weather in a week either. Our range has been proven to hold shape and resist cracking over more than 50,000 flexes. Impressive, right?


The fit is another thing to look for, and at Spendless you can ensure you are getting the correct fit in two ways. One is through our size guide which can be found on our website and will allow you to pick the right size for you and the other is our 'find in the store' locator. Our 'find in store' locator works as follows:
• Click on your preferred women's safety shoes, select size and colour, and then click 'find in store'.
• Fill in your postcode and distance and then view stores
• Choose your stores and update your selection.
• It will then tell you if your nearest store has women's safety shoes in stock, and you can get the store details to ring them or to locate their address.

Purchasing online

If you are buying women's safety shoes online, then follow these steps:
1. Select the women's safety shoes in the colour and size you want.
2. Click add to cart, if you are only after one pair of shoe click checkout.
3. It will then redirect you to a new page which includes shipping details and methods. Fill in your details and choose your shipping methods such as express shipping or standard.
4. It will then take you to the review and payments options where you can choose between credit card, Afterpay or Zippay.
5. Complete your transaction, and your women's safety shoes will be on the way to you!
If you are trying to find women's safety shoes quickly, then hopping onto our Spendless website will take you no time at all until you see the perfect work shoe that will keep you going!

In summary, our women's safety shoes are built to endure the tough work you put them through. We want to help keep workers safe. At Spendless Shoes you can always find styles at affordable prices and excellent quality. Our women's safety shoes were designed with exceptional slip resistance, cushioning, and more. Let us do the hard work, so you can keep working hard.