Kids Boots That Will Make It Through Childcare!

The Best Kids Shoes

You’ve come to the right place if kids’ boots are on your shopping list! Our gorgeous range for boys and girls has something for everyone.

Our kids’ boots can survive busy feet

If your children are tiny balls of energy and need shoes that can match their pace, then there’s no reason not to buy kids’ boots this season. Younger styles should have less arch support because small bones and feet are still developing, but that doesn’t mean that our kids’ boots don’t offer extra protection. We have soft fabric styles for babies and toddler, while older children enjoy spongey soles. Spendless Shoes has kids’ boot to suit your children, whether they are still learning to walk or never stop moving.

Forget about shoes that split in half or start getting holes after a week!

You may not be able to stop children from growing, but you can take steps to ensure that kids’ boots don’t wear out before it’s time for a bigger pair. For one thing, styles at Spendless Shoes are built to last. Our synthetic materials are more resilient to water and marking than fabrics like leather. Our kids’ boots are flexible, lightweight, and kind on little feet, but they are still hardy and durable. Shop for kids’ boots at Spendless and take home quality shoes at affordable prices!

Let’s have a brief look at the fastenings, shall we?

If you’re searching for shoes that can endure childcare, then your children are probably not old enough to tie up laces alone. At Spendless Shoes, we take special care to keep younger customers comfy and in age-appropriate styles. As such, you will see that most of our kids’ boots come with touch-fastening tabs, side zippers, or can be pulled straight onto feet.

Not only will these design aspects help children to avoid trips and falls caused by untied laces, but they are also faster to get on or off. If your morning routine is a step away from hectic, then you will appreciate the ease of our kids’ boots.

We can help replace kids’ boots your children outgrow too!

Saying goodbye to a much-loved pair of shoes can be hard at any age, but children get incredibly attached to their favourites. Thankfully, each of our designs can span a broad range of foot sizes. You could plan ahead and purchase a larger size when we have a sale running. While Spendless constantly updates our collection with hot new items, we tend to keep popular ones in stock season-to-season. If you need a pair of our kids’ boots in the next size up, the odds are in your favour.

In fact, even teens moving from kids’ boots to adult styles will see similarities in our range too. These doppelgangers usually benefit parents who want to match shoes with their children, but young adults can discover old favourites and reclaim the look!

Don’t forget about the rules at daycare!

The advantage of kids’ boots in childcare and similar places is extra protection and warmth. These shoes are the natural choice in autumn and winter, but they can help your young ones have fun too! Many childcare centres have stringent rules about what children can wear on the playground (or even in sandpits). Open-toed styles like thongs and sandals may be a no-go, but kids’ boots can fit the bill!

Isn’t it time you stopped in to peruse our kids’ boots?

Visit your local Spendless Store and enjoy our exceptional customer service in person. Our friendly team members can answer any questions you have about our products. Otherwise, shopping online is accessible and convenient. Now, get a new pair of kids’ boots into your child’s wardrobe today!