Is Leopard Print Too Much For You?

Let Us Show You How To Style Them!

Embolden your look this season with leopard boots! These stunning shoes will bring a new element style into your collection. If you’re feeling daunted about trying these shoes on, don’t. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make the most of leopard boots!

The styles we have waiting for you:

Leopard boots at Spendless Shoes come with big spots and block heels. We love the simple elegance of the mid-high platform, which brings long-lasting comfort and ease of wear with it. Our ankle-high leopard boots also transition seamlessly across different seasons, so they’re sure to get a fair amount of use during the year. If you have a favourite style, there’s no reason they can’t make an appearance in spring and summer too!

Beyond leopard boots, Spendless also has several other shoes with similar spots. Airy slides and ballet flats have been casual favourites in 2019, but formal and corporate options also include lovely block heels and stilettos of different heights.

As we head into autumn and winter, a matching jacket can be a gorgeous fit with leopard boots!

Whether you love the feel of soft faux fur coats or slinky throw-overs, the harmony this pairing will create cannot be overstated. Still, you can break the look up if you like by adding block-colour pants or skirts between the patterns. That way, you can still have leopard boots and an identical coat without being covered head-to-toe in spots.

If all-black outfits are your go-to when the weather gets cold, then leopard boots can liven up your look as well!

2019 has seen an influx of grunge and tomboyish clothes and accessories, and a pair of printed shoes can be the best way to complement them. A black leather jacket and dark jeans get a chic and feminine edge when you add trendy leopard boots into the mix. Once again, balance is the key to pulling off two top-tier trends simultaneously.

Playing with neutral tones can create a beautiful natural outfit too.

Autumn always brings soft tans and beiges onto shelves, and leopard boots are unquestionably elegant with these colours! You could try a classic white blouse and brown skirt combination with this big cat pattern for a fresh and fun work get-up. Our leopard boots already walk the line between casual and formal, so all you need to do is dress them up a bit.

If you’re all-in for leopard boots this season, then our main styling tip for you is to keep the colour scheme consistent.

Maybe you have a skirt or shirt in a matching print that you’ve been dying to experiment with or a jacket that can show off your wild side. Whatever the case, you still have to keep the tone of your leopard boots the same as your clothing item. If you don’t want to clash colours and your shoes have a golden base, then avoid putting them with icy white or grey. Keep the shades warm yellow or orange so you don’t risk throwing off the aesthetic.

However, if you do want to enjoy striking discord between your leopard boots and same-print clothing, then we recommend something with a red-tint. Burgundy, cherry, and fiery scarlets make a bold fashion statement with leopard boots. Don’t be intimidated by a clashing outfit if that’s what you want— revel in the easy opportunity! Red clothes and leopard boots make a serious power couple.

We hope that helps!

Embrace a fantastic style trend this season when you take home leopard boots! Shop online to enjoy fast delivery, or head in-store and let our friendly staff treat you right.