Improve The Quality Of Their School Day With New Shoes!

Are your boys’ school shoes up to date? Is it time to replace their old pair and get something new? Let Spendless steer you towards the right set this season. We know how important it is to get kids the proper boys’ school shoes, and that’s why we’re dedicating our time to talking about them today. First, we’ll give you a quick synopsis of the potential issues that come from bad styles. After that, we’ll tell you what to look out for with your next boys’ school shoes. Let’s begin! 

What are the implications of uncomfortable boys’ school shoes?

Well, for a start, there’s the fact that they aren’t comfortable. You don’t want to send your kids into the classroom in footwear that hurts their feet. Apart from affecting your child’s mood for the worst, sore feet can be distracting. If your boys’ school shoes don’t support them properly, then they’re also less likely to engage in activities throughout the day. There’s no reason to let your boys’ school shoes cause kids to fall behind in class, or stop them from having fun!  

Then, there are health factors to think about as well. Given how much time kids spend wearing their boys’ school shoes, it shouldn’t be surprising that a dodgy pair can be the domino in a chain of ill-effects. Oversized styles cause kids to trip and fall, leading to skinned knees and hands. Boys’ school shoes that are too small and constrict toes can lead to foot problems if left for too long, particularly in younger children. Little kids have softer bones and are still developing, so damage caused by footwear can be serious. When your children spend forty out of fifty-two weeks in boys’ school shoes during the year, you need to get them right. 

All in all, poor footwear can be disastrous for students. 

What should you keep in mind? 

The fit of your boys’ school shoes is the main thing to watch. Cramped or oversized styles can be as bad as each other, so, when you’re searching for a new pair, make sure that they fit! If you and your child visit a Spendless store, a team member can assist you. When it comes to boys’ school shoes, we’re the fit experts! But, if you’re an online shopper and prefer to avoid stores, then there are easy ways to check that your child’s footwear fits correctly! 

First, have your child put their boys’ school shoes on with their uniform socks, and adjust the laces or straps as needed. Second, press down on the tip to see where the top of their big toe sits. Ideally, your child’s big toe should be a centimetre away from the end of their boys’ school shoes. Third, ask if any parts pinch or feel too tight. Fourth, have your child walk around and move, so you can see if the style slips at all. If no issues present themselves during these tests, and if your child seems happy after wearing them on for a while, your boys’ school shoes should be good to go! 

If there are issues, then how can Spendless help?  

If your boys’ school shoes fail any of our at-home fit tests, or if another issue crops up unexpectedly, then Spendless can help! As long as you can provide proof of purchase, we’d be happy to exchange your pair for a better size. Our care products can also help! If you need to fill up extra space in an oversized pair of boys’ school shoes, then our gel or fabric inserts and innersoles will work beautifully.

Get your new boys’ school shoes from Spendless!