If The Bridal Shoe Fits, Get It Delivered!

Zip Pay At Spendless

At Spendless Shoes, we love finding ways to help our customers get the best experience they can with us, whether it means helping someone in a store to find their perfect fit, or answering a question online in real-time using our LiveChat. That is why we offer a range of payment options for our products. At Spendless Shoes, if you want to make a big purchase for a wedding, we have to recommend you do it with ZipPay

What is ZipPay?

ZipPay is a digital shopping account that you can use to buy items online. Essentially, it allows you to buy shoes now and pay later.

How it works at Spendless

Buying bridal shoes with ZipPay is lovely and simple. You can shop for styles as you regularly would, add them to your cart, and select ZipPay as your payment type when you are ready to buy. After this, you can either create an account or follow the steps to finalise your payment.  Then, Spendless Shoes will send the items out to you as usual, so that you can get them when you need them and worry about money later.

Who can apply for ZipPay?

To create an account with ZipPay, you need to be 18 years of age or older, be an Australian citizen or resident, and have a Facebook or Paypal account. You will also need either a bank account or a credit card.

Why we love ZipPay

ZipPay is an excellent purchasing option for anyone trying to organise shoes for a wedding, especially if you are buying styles for other people, or want to bulk order styles for members of a bridal party. This way, the online team at Spendless Shoes will send your order to your doorstep in one convenient package, and you will not need to worry about paying in a single hit.

A flexible payment option like ZipPay is also excellent for brides and grooms because you can give yourself more time to relax and sort out how people are going to pay you back. You will also avoid adding another expense onto an already long list of wedding costs until you are ready to. Take some of the stress away with ZipPay, get the shoes when you need them, and enjoy having the power to pay when you can.

How do payments work?

When you purchase items using ZipPay, you have up to 60 days to pay back the full amount. You must also make a minimum repayment of $40 a month. However, there are no interest fees or hidden costs attached.

If you are worried that you may not pay back the full amount to ZipPay by the due date, you can always buy some extra time for yourself. For a $6 service fee per month, you can extend your due date and avoid penalties. The $6 fee will even get waived if you do manage to pay off your full balance by the end date.

Is there a spending limit?

Yes, there is. ZipPay offers a limit of up to $1,000 to spend online. However, this is subject to ZipPay’s requirements and application process. If you are not deemed eligible, you may receive a lower spending limit than this.

Can you return/exchange items bought with ZipPay?

Of course, you can! We treat bridal shoes bought with ZipPay the much the same way we would a credit card or cash purchase. If you are not happy with your wedding styles or need to exchange for a different size, then you can head into your local Spendless Shoes, where one of our friendly team members will help sort things out for you.

So, will you be buying your wedding shoes with ZipPay?