I’m Going To Be A Bride. Where Can I Find The Perfect Shoes For My Wedding?

Finding The Perfect Shoes For My Wedding

If you are looking for the perfect bridal shoes, then you have come to the right place. Depending on where your wedding gets held, the choices can be vast or may need to be specialised. At Spendless, our wide range of designs means we have the bridal shoes to match any setting!

On the shore

Weddings on the beach are always beautiful. You get the scenery of your dreams, glorious sunsets and sunrises, and the sound of the rolling and crashing ocean waves. But matter how well the venue has been planned to accommodate it, there is one thing you always have to consider. What is the crucial feature you have to work around when finding bridal shoes for the beach?


Ideally, your bridal shoes should be formal, beautiful, and able to keep in close contact with sand without disastrous consequences. You can adjust dresses to keep out of its way, but sand can be a pest at best for most bridal shoes. That is where our sandals and flats come in!

Flat bridal shoes

At Spendless, our flat bridal shoes are chic, covered in metallic, glittery, or diamanté covered décor. These styles come with handy features, such as elastic sling-back ankle straps, for comfort and convenience. You get all the glitz and glamour of classic bridal shoes, but with added breathability, practicality and stability. Plus, they can also keep sand from getting caught inside them and grating between your toes.

Men will also find an array of trendy gladiator, Birkenstock, and reef-walker style sandals that will act as the perfect bridal shoes!

Indoors or enclosed

In a more traditional indoor venue, such as a church, you have your choice of flats, wedges, and heels. These are gorgeous styles designed for the most elegant affairs. Block heels are a favourite, as their chunkier heel affords the wearer dependable support and comfort. Stilettos and other thin-heeled bridal shoes will be a beautiful and elegant addition to any wedding dress, but especially ones with a slim fit or floaty feel.

Colours and décor

The traditional bride will always appreciate our white and silver bridal shoes— especially the ones that come with diamanté or rhinestone decorations. They are sparkly, glimmering, and effortless to match with a pair of bridal shoes. However, for a more modern feel, you may also consider some leg-lengthening heels, or a set of bridal shoes with a smooth and shiny rose gold finish.

Worried about comfort?

No one said you have to wear heels for the entire day. If you want to switch your bridal shoes at the reception or after party to some lacey ballet flats, then go for it. It is your big day, after all. Pack a spare comfy pair, and you'll be ready for anything!

However, that isn't to say that our heeled bridal shoes can't be the comfortable option. Concerning height, we have bridal shoes with wedges and heels to suit anyone. If you want a slight little stretch to your legs, but worry about rolling an ankle, then a lower and thicker base is the way to go. If you love the look and feel of high heels, then a tall block heel or thin stiletto will look stunning.

Are you ready to get the look for less?

You can browse all of our bridal shoes at your leisure from our website. We have individual categories dedicated to formal styles for women, men, and kids. Otherwise, you can head into your local Spendless store and try before you buy! Get the best bridal shoes for your big day when you shop for styles at Spendless!