How To Wear Platforms This Season!

Your Guide To Wearing Platforms 

Are platforms your go-to shoe this season? They should be! At Spendless Shoes, we have a fantastic lineup of styles waiting on our shelves for any and every occasion. It’s never been easier to find your ideal pair. Here’s a quick look at 2019’s exciting options!

For formal events

Stilettos with platforms under the balls of the feet will have you enjoying comfortable wear for longer. Where other heels need to increase the height of your heel so you can stand taller, platforms don’t need to include any dramatic angle. Additionally, the thicker sole can help absorb shock as you walk and relieve pressure that could otherwise cause cramps or muscle fatigue after hours of walking, dancing, and standing.

Old favourites

If we’re talking about classics, then you have to take a look at our peep-toe platforms. These have a chunky design through the heel and at the balls of your feet, simple crossover straps at the toes, and an adjustable ankle fastening. We can’t get enough of these vintage-made-new platforms and think they look spectacular with large dangly earrings and patterned jumpsuits.

The best new looks

Espadrilles have been showstoppers this season. These are a nonnegotiable addition for any fashion-focused ladies in 2019. With their sleek wedged platforms and favourable effect on your legs, espadrilles seem set to keep dominating these scene this year too. Our most popular picks come with self-tie laces, single bands over the ankles and toes, and x-shaped bands. We have the platforms to suit any woman’s aesthetic.

Chill with our casual shoes

Beyond the apparent styles like heels, we also have looks incorporating platforms into their designs in some unexpected places this season. If anything, the diversity of your options only showcases how popular platforms are in 2019. So, what else do we have for you?

For one thing, no one can say no to our super trendy trainers with thick bases. These sporty fashion sneakers have an active feel and comfy padded sole to lift your height and your look in one. For a casual weekend pair to have you looking ready for anything, these flat platforms are everything that you need!

Try something fun and summery

After trainers, then the next hot choice is some of our sandals. Instead of a traditional slanting platform, these cosy styles keep their bases level. There’s no extra strain or tension placed on your feet, but you will get a nice boost and spongey sole for your trouble. At Spendless Shoes, we have heaps of these great platform sandals for you to peruse, but one of our favourites is an airy style that buckles at the ankle and comes in either a black or tan variation.

Party with your new platforms

As the weather starts to cool down, you might look at ankle boots with thicker bases. They’re a trans-seasonal design that you can find a use for all year, and a much-loved set to wear to festivals, music concerts, clubs, and parties. Ankle boots with platforms worked into the design can add attitude and mystique to any look!

Find a new work staple

You can find an array of fabulous office options from our collection with floral, metal, bead, pearl, and other decorations. When you shop for work-worthy platforms at Spendless Shoes, there are an unbelievable array of options. Most of these have exposed toes, but if you need to abide by any dress codes in the workplace, we have platforms that mostly cover them as well!

Find your match today

Shop online or in-store at Spendless Shoes, and we’ll help you find your ultimate platforms!