How To Teach Your Child To Tie Up Their Shoelaces Before School

Your children will learn plenty in the classroom, but teaching them to tie shoelaces is your job! Spendless can do more than provide your kids’ school shoes — we can offer some helpful tips to get you started! Now, let’s begin! 


Why is it important to be thorough with kids’ school shoes and laces?


Did you know what untied laces are one of the leading causes of injuries for children? Loose laces are a significant tripping hazard on kids’ school shoes for students who are too young to be mindful when they’re playing during recess, lunchtime, and PE lessons. Skinned knees and rolled ankles are easily preventable injuries, but they’re common when styles are left untied. Because leaving laces loose is risky, teachers also tend to be strict about kids’ school shoes and won’t hesitate the reprimand them. So, if you don’t want your child getting into trouble (literally and figuratively), then teaching them well is imperative! 


Do you want to teach your children how to tie up their kids’ school shoes? 


Here are a few quick tips to get you started!

1)      Make sure that you’re side-by-side

You can’t expect children to figure out how to tie up kids’ school shoes when you’re showing them upside-down. 

2)      Go through each step slowly and explain what you’re doing

There are plenty of rhymes and tricks that you can teach your children to remember the process. Google a few and find something catchy! 

3)      Keep things positive 

Positive reinforcement is always a powerful learning tool, so cheer on your little one! If you or your children are getting tired and frustrated with their kids’ school shoes, then take a break and try again later.

4)      Be patient

Practice and repetition will speed up the process after a while, but lacing kids’ school shoes will be slow-going in the beginning. Patience is what you need the most during these early stages. 

5)      Make time for kids’ school shoes in the morning 

Give your child ample time to tie their laces in the morning. If that means you need to make lunch the night before or have them get dressed earlier to allow for that, then see that you do! Instead of rushing them on the way out of the door, let them sit down with their kids’ school shoes and slowly go through the steps. 


Pick alternative kids’ school shoes in the meantime


Don’t worry if your child isn’t feeling confident about shoelaces by the time they hit the schoolyard. We have plenty of kids’ school shoes without shoelaces, and they’ll keep your children looking ready for their lessons while they’re still learning to tie laces. 

At Spendless, our smallest kids’ school shoes mainly come with touch-fastening straps anyways, which your little ones have no trouble doing-up in the morning or during the day. We have sneakers, Mary-Jane designs, and classic classroom styles with dual or single touch-fastening straps, so you’re spoiled for choice. Kids’ school shoes with these straps may not be as customizable as laced kinds, but they can still adjust for a looser or tighter fit as needed. 

Mary-Jane sandals are another option and one that students will love for spring and summer. Kids’ school shoes in this design come with buckled straps. Since these kids’ school shoes are partially-open and come with airy laser cut-outs, they’ll stop students from overheating and getting stuck with sweaty feet. These sorts of styles could also sneak into your child’s casual collection on the weekends too! 


Are you feeling less daunted now? 


Spendless has even more tips for your kids’ school shoes this year. You can browse our other helpful articles online, or come and hear them from a team member at your local store!