How To Style Mens Boots

Do you need help styling men's boots? Spendless Shoes is here to help!

While these are trans-seasonal designs that can flit between summer and winter, the extra cover and protection for feet make men’s boots an ideal pick in wet or frosty weather. Likewise, these shoes also perform better outdoors in various terrain. Hardy material and good tractions give our styles an edge that you cannot get with your average dress pair. The appeal of men’s boots is clear, so what about styling them?

Men’s boots can be an excellent options for dress shoes during the colder months.

Even as a means of spicing up a standard suit for a fresher and more modern feel, you can’t deny that men’s boots look fantastic at formal events. Our lace-ups are essentially dress shoes that extend up to the ankle, so they’re a favourite for winter weddings.

Black and tan dress shoes are classics, but after wearing them again and again to various events, changing things up can be fun and refreshing. It’s not the most dramatic switch in the world, but even that extra length up the ankle of our men’s boots can be great.

Now, here are our top styling tips!

Brown men’s boots can create a cool contrast with black suits, but if you want to make the most out of the opportunity then going with grey or navy outfits is a must! In a sea of guys wearing black and white, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

Men’s boots in shiny black are still a quintessential look, but you can update your aesthetic with a bright tie or patterned shirt. Otherwise, a black-on-black ensemble with a silky tie and shiny men’s boots will look smooth and sophisticated.

Then again, there’s no reason why you can’t mix men’s boots into your everyday collection too!

We have an abundance of styles that would be perfect when you’re catching up with your mates, going out on the weekend, or running down to the shops quickly. Chelsea-style men’s boots are a go-to pick in this scenario. These cool shoes come with stretchy elastic panels and a pull-on fit, so getting in and out of them only takes a second. Plus, they go well with your favourite t-shirt and jean combinations any day.

The next thing to consider when you style men’s boots is how to dress them up or down when you’re unsure of the dress code.

Our top tip is to match your men’s boots with a button-down shirt, suit pants, and a jacket or blazer. The first two items bring the formal feel, but it’s the jacket that makes it work.

If you’re worried about being underdressed, then go with a sharp-looking blazer to neaten your men’s boots up. Otherwise, a causal army or bomber jacket can stop you from overdressing. Keep your outer layer on if you were right, and abandon it if you’re wrong. It’s as easy as that! Either way, be sure that all of your clothing has the right colour scheme to complement your men’s boots.

Finally, make sure that you have fun with the texture! At Spendless Shoes, we have designs with leather-look synthetic material, suave faux suede, and more. Textured men’s boots can add a whole new world of intrigue and excitement to an outfit, so feel free to experiment!

Our one warning is not to go overboard with patterns. While men’s boots in matte and other leathery textures looks awesome with patterns and prints, you still want to maintain balance.

So, which ones will you be taking home?

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