How To Measure Your Child’s Shoes For The Perfect Fit!

Get the best school shoes for your kids from Everflex! Do you find getting the proper size for your child is always a tricky business? We can help you find ways to figure out the perfect fit from the get-go and offer ways to fix school shoes if things go wrong. Keep reading, and we’ll begin! 


How do you test that school shoes fit?


Firstly, get your child to put on their new pair with their official uniform socks (or tights/stockings). Adjust the laces, buckles, or touch-fastening straps until the school shoes feel secure. 

Next, have your child stand up, and then press your finger or thumb onto the tip. There should be a centimetre between the end of your child’s longest toe and the end of their school shoes. If the gap is significantly wider or there is no room at the top, then the size is not suitable. 

Thirdly, get your child to walk around the room and move around in their school shoes. Watch for any slipping at the back heel, as this indicates a poor fit instantly and will quickly lead to blisters. 

Next, ask your child what they think. Are there any spots that are painfully tight or pinching at their skin? Do their school shoes feel like they’re about to fall off or slip with every step? Or, are they just right?


If you’re unsure about your child’s size, then consult our Size Guide


While you’re browsing for school shoes online, you can find links Size Guide at the bottom of our main webpage, or on the right-hand side (above the description) if you’re looking at a specific style. The Size Guide offers a short explanation about each range, as well as comparison charts for different size measures (EU, UK, US, etc.). 

Kids’ school shoes from Everflex run from Pre-Walker sizes to Preteen ones, which means that we have styles for little and big feet alike. And, once children outgrow the kids’ category, they can move straight into the range for men or women. That means there’s no need to worry about an awkward size gap when you buy school shoes from Everflex. 


What if there is an issue with your new school shoes?


Don’t stress out if the sizing of your latest purchase is off! When you shop at Everflex, we make refunds and exchanges super simple for you. As long as you provide proof of purchase (receipt or tax invoice) and the school shoes are in new condition, you’re entitled to a full refund or exchange. Head into our exclusive in-store stockists (Spendless Shoes) and let the friendly team sort out your pair. If you’re unable to visit a physical store, then fill out a contact form online and send back your school shoes via mail. However, please note that Everflex will not cover the postage cost.


Fix fit issues with our accessories!


Who says you need to swap your oversized school shoes? There are plenty of parents who buy big pairs for their kids so that they can grow into them, as this is an easy way to save when your child is in the middle of a growth spurt. And, the best way to pull off over-large school shoes is to pad them out with some of our innersoles, heel grips, or other foot care accessories. 


Do you think you’re ready to give Everflex a try?


Shop for our school shoes, and we’ll see that you enjoy smooth sailing this season. With our expansive range of sizes, styles, and accessories, you can trust us to take care of your little student. Why wait? Our school shoes are available online and in-store now, so get on it!