How to find the perfect girls school shoe online

Find The Perfect School Shoe Online 

Well, holidays are over. As the end draws closer, so does the shopping craze for all the best back-to-school deals and purchases. New pencil cases, lunchboxes, uniforms, and, of course, a new pair of girls' school shoes. So, where should you start?

To shop online, or in a store?

We promise you are not going to be the only one after a new set of girls' school shoes. If you are a 'try before you buy' kind of shopper, pick up your next pair before the shopping rush starts. Our friendly team will be sure to help you pick out styles and explain the sizing system. But in this technological age, buying online has never been more convenient. You can search online for all our girls' school shoes, and easily compare sizes. Our size guide online compares a variety of sizing systems so you can find one you are familiar with— plus, it will help you find the right girls' school shoes for your child. Otherwise, you could always browse styles of girls' school shoes online and then duck into your closest Spendless store to pick them up. Our store locator will provide the closest Spendless in your area in seconds.

The age

Depending on your old your child is, you may have to look in different sections for the right girls' school shoes. On the Spendless website, we have two places where you can find these products. Youngsters or girls with small feet will find their best fit in our kids' section under "school shoes", while most older students will find their best girls' school shoes in the women's section under "school/work".

All the styles

At Spendless, our girls' school shoes come in many different looks. We have everyone's favourite round toed, lace-up girls' school shoes, with good grip and anti-slip qualities. These will never fall out of favour on the playground, and with a vast array of sizes per style, you can size up in the same style year by year if you like. For younger students, we have the classic Mary-Jane girls' school shoes, with stylish laser-cut details. These are quick to buckle-up and have enclosed toes, so they are perfect for the playground.

Our special sporty girls' school shoes come and black and white. These have cool panelled detailing on the side, and a great tread for running. Need a standout pair in PE? Why not try some trainers or sneakers? Our sportswear come in classic monochrome colour, or bright and vibrant shades to help spice up a dull uniform. These will look great casually as well (especially trainers), so you can get wear out of these on weekends too.
Our girls' school shoes vary, with laces and velcro strap options throughout, so kids of all ages can look their best in the classroom.

The materials

Most of our girls' school shoes are leather or feature leather, and therefore you can rest easy that they are durable and will be able to handle most things that get thrown at them. Our synthetic styles have the same lovely, high-shine quality to them, and are very easy to clean.

Buying girls' school shoes and trying to find the perfect style for your child can be difficult, but Spendless is here to help you out! We make finding the perfect pair as easy as 1,2,3! Spendless is here for you and dedicated to helping every student find their ideal match this year. Head back to the classroom this year with the look for less, when you shop for girls' school shoes with us.