How To Find The Perfect Formal Shoe For Young Boys

Are You Looking For The Perfect Formal Shoe? 

At Spendless, we have a great selection of boys' formal shoes for you to browse through. Whether it is for a wedding, birthday, dinner, or other special occasions, Spendless has the looks for you. We have styles for kids that will fit Pre-Walkers to Preteens, so you are bound to find the right size for your children in no time.

For the most special events

If you are looking for styles that can work at high-class events, we have the boys' formal shoes you need to make your little gentleman look good. First, we have our glossy black lace-up styles. These are a step above our school styles regarding luxury and typically get modelled on our adult designs. Since they are so similar, this makes them the perfect option for anyone one who wants to match boys' formal shoes with their Dad's! At Spendless, these lace-up boys' formal shoes also come in tan, which is a modern and trendy choice.

Velcro fastenings

Whether not you want boys' formal shoes with velcro will depend somewhat on the age of your kids. Velcro straps and fastenings are popular for a reason, after all. Not only are they excellent at keeping tiny feet safe and secure in boys' formal shoes, but they also work as a fitting aid. You can easily move the velcro on these for a tighter or loose fit, which can better accommodate slimmer or wider feet. You can also adjust the fit as the day drags on, so if your little ones need to wear boys' formal shoes for a long day out and about, then you can change the tightness if their feet swell or get achy.

For cold weather or better protection

In a word: boots. Spendless has both slip-on and laced styles for your convenience. Both the laces and pull-on boys' formal shoes have tabs to aid with rapid transitions onto feet. Our pull-on boots also feature elastic side gussets to aid with a more comfortable fit in an instant. As for our lace-up boots, these boys' formal shoes also have a functional side zipper which should allow for a fast take on and off. Not only will these keep toes toasty warm and dry, but these boys' formal shoes will also provide some protection from sharp objects thanks to the durable and sturdy tread.

More boys' formal shoes than you can pick!

Now, when we imagine boys' formal shoes, we tend to start thinking about miniaturised men's versions. It's understandable; as we have said, Spendless has many fantastic boys' formal shoes based off of our favourite adult styles. However, we also know how to cater to more than one kind of event, which is why we put a focus on versatile looks and designs that can work in different settings.

Take a beach wedding, for instance. Even adults can have trouble finding the right styles to wear to a beach ceremony, but at Spendless, we make finding boys' formal shoes easy. We have trendy sandals and boat styles built just for this! Not only do they make lightweight, breathable boys' formal shoes, but they can also be reused later in their casual wear. It's perfect! Our favourite boys' formal shoes come in tan, navy, or have contrasting colour panels for some added style.

So, why wait?

Get boys' formal shoes from Spendless, and get the look for less! Browse our styles online, or head into a store and let our friendly team help your child find their best fit. No matter what the occasion, at Spendless, we have the boys' formal shoes for you.