How to find the perfect boys school shoes

Finding the perfect boys school shoes 

Ah, school. It is the most wondrous time of the year— the kids are going back to the classroom, and you can finally get some time to yourself to relax. But, as was always bound to happen, your child has just grown out of their latest set of boys' school shoes. Oh, the joy.

His last pair were, well, not that great. But now you are looking for some boys' school shoes that might last longer than a semester. If you are looking for boys' school shoes, then look no further. Spendless has a massive range for you to choose from; even if your son is picky!

Classic styles

Our boys' school shoes come in both leather and non-leather, which means that they are hard wearing, durable and are comfortable! They also come in a range of styles such as Velcro, slip on and traditional lace-ups. Meaning that you will be able to find styles that will make everyone happy. Combination velcro and laces are also a great way to teach kids how to tie shoelaces by themselves, as they can practice knotting laces while the velcro keeps the boys' school shoes securely on their feet.

Most boys' school shoes are black. These classic lace-up styles have rounded toes, and are what we have all come to expect to go with a uniform. At Spendless, our lace-up boys' school shoes can endure the trials and tribulations that your child's busy feet will put them through. Stop buying boys' school shoes that will be worn-out before they can be grown out of— shop at Spendless instead.


As well as the classics, at Spendless we also sell sportier, sneaker-style boys' school shoes in white. Our other kids' sneakers are very colourful, but these white or black trainers work well as boys' school shoes because they look spick-and-span and are cosy to wear.

For younger kids, why not try sandals as boys' school shoes? Light, comfortable, and breathable, these are great summer footwear as well. Our sandals even pass the playground test thanks to their enclosed toes. Until they are old enough for stricter dress codes to kick in, sandals are a brilliant choice.

Where to shop

There is just one problem. You have to go out and buy a new pair of boys' school shoes, which is the part you hate the most, and the reason is why you have been putting it off for so long now. It is not because you were hoping the issue would magically solve itself, but because you remember fighting the back-to-school rush last year, and the hordes of other parents all trying to get their new pair of boys' school shoes.

Well, with Spendless you can beat the crowds by buying online. With our easy sizing chart, featured at the bottom of the main page and on the right of all our products, you can directly compare UK, US, Spendless, and EU sizes.

You can find our boys' school shoes in two places, but it will depend on how old your son is and if he has average foot size for his age. Footwear for younger kids will be in the "school shoes" category in the kids' section. Older students will find a better fitting style in the "school/work" range of the men's category. As well as the classic black lace-up styles, you will find sandals and sneakers that make great boys' school shoes are also featured.

Finding a great pair of boys' school shoes is effortless with Spendless. With our vast range and ease of purchase, you are sure to find something that both you and he will love!