How to Care for Your Women’s Sandals During the Summer Months

Summer is here! With more parties, get-togethers, and hot weather on the way, you must take care of your women’s sandals. After all, you want your cute new pair to survive to see autumn! Spendless Shoes is going to take a little time to talk about shoe patience and general common sense tips that will help your women’s sandals enjoy a long and happy life. We’ve helped customers get the best summer shoes for over thirty years now, so take a leaf out of our book! 


Pick the right women’s sandals for the setting


You can’t prepare for every scenario flawlessly, but putting in some thought to your outfit never hurts. If you want your women’s sandals to go the distance, then make sure that you treat them well and take them to the proper places. Our styles bring fashion and function in equal measure, but some are incompatible in certain situations. For instance, unless you’ve used waterproofing spray on your faux suede women’s sandals, it would be a bad idea to take them near the beach or pool. Similarly, if you’re in for a long day of walking or standing, then we’d recommend some comfort flats in place of beach thongs. Every style has a niche purpose, so as long as you’re careful and consider the setting beforehand, you should have no trouble with your women’s sandals. 


Take care of your beach thongs! 


Waterproof women’s sandals are a must-have during the season, but it can be rare that they last for more than one summer. One reason for their quick expiration is the fact that they get worn out and tired too soon. If your women’s sandals spend all day in the sun (and the water), and then get left covered in sand, seaweed and other stuff overnight, then they might not last as long as you’d like. At Spendless, our styles are time-tested and resilient, but you can do your part to keep them from fading before their time. 


First, you can cover your women’s sandals with a towel or put them in the shade while you go for a dip; this should stop colours from weathering too quickly. Second, make sure your thongs get rinsed clean at the end of every adventure, and the material will stay in top shape. Third, remember not to bend or twist your women’s sandals too much. Otherwise, the toe bar might pop out accidentally! Follow these three tips, and your thongs will be all right.


Clean up your women’s sandals with an Instant Shine Sponge! 


We all love a bit of sunshine, but the hot Aussie summers can stir up dirt and dust that clings to your shoes. If you live or travel rurally, then your favourite women’s sandals might pick up an unattractive coating of grime. Prickles and pointy foliage can also create marks on faux leather and suede. At Spendless Shoes, our secret weapon for cleaning women’s sandals (and every other kind of footwear) is the Instant Shine Sponge! A few quick wipes will take the mess straight off of any shoe material without negatively impacting the colour or texture. Your women’s sandals will look shiny and new again in no time at all! The Instant Shine Sponge is little and lightweight and finding places to store it is simple. 


Take better care of your women’s sandals using our tips and tricks!


Spendless Shoes offers the hottest designs at the most affordable prices. When you find women's sandals that you love, you should make sure you can enjoy them for ages and ages. You can't go wrong if you follow our tips! Some thought, care, and a bit of maintenance will go a long way with your women’s sandals.