How To Care For Your New Boots!

Do you want to keep your latest boots in prime condition?

Spendless Shoes has some tips and handy products to help your boots stay beautiful. Forget about water damage and fabric marks this autumn and winter when you get professional advice from Spendless.

Let’s start with something simple, shall we?

Rain boots are the most manageable and easily-cleaned boot styles we have at Spendless Shoes. The entire premise of this style is that mud, leafy bits, and other storm-related messes will stick to these rain boots instead of your feet. As such, these are also shoes that will require the most cleaning.

Given the fact that their material is waterproof, you can rinse them off in seconds or wipe away stuff with a sponge when they get dirty. After that, either leave your rain boots upside-down so they can air-dry or run them over quickly with a towel. Spendless has shoes in this design for men, women, and kids.

Caring for faux suede and other fluffy fabrics

If you’ve opted to grab boots with a soft texture, then we have a handful of tips and tricks to see you through winter and autumn. While these textures are gorgeous, flexible, and feel great when you wear them, they are the most susceptible to the weather.

First off, try to avoid taking fuzzy boots in the rain. Faux suede is more resilient than its animal-derived counterpart, but there’s still a risk that it will mark if you get water or other liquids on it. Your ultimate and best defence to safeguard your boots is to keep the material dry.

Secondly, you might try some of our waterproofing spray on your boots. One waterproofing process will see your boots protected for a considerable amount of time, so you’re sure to get plenty of use out the product during autumn and winter. This spray creates a protective barrier and helps seal the fabric. If you want to protect your  new boots this winter season, rain or shine, then we recommend investing in some waterproofing spray. However, please note that our waterproofing products are only available from our brick and mortar stores; you cannot by this spray online.  

Want to keep your boots glossy?

Dubbin is the perfect product to help maintain a high-shine surface on your shoes! In particular, this treatment can waterproof, clean, and improve the condition of leather material. That’s not to say that our synthetic boots won’t look lovelier after a coating of Dubbin, of course! If you have a favourite set that is starting to look careworn or scuffed, then let Dubbin come to the rescue. At Spendless Shoes, we think this is a must-have repair product for men, as they can use it for their formal footwear as well. Likewise, parents can use Dubbin on their boots and then take care of their children’s school shoes.

Now, what about an all-rounder?

The quintessential care product for your boots this season has to be our Instant Shine. This great little sponge is suitable for all and any colours. Where Dubbin and other polishes can be messy, our Instant Shine is dry and a no-stress option. Just run the sponge over the surface of your boots and watch the magic happen. You can use Instant Shine to smooth out faux suede material and make it look brand new. Dirt and mess-made marks lift off of synthetic and leather styles effortlessly. So, why wouldn’t you add Instant Shine to your shopping list?

So, what do you think?

Will you use these Spendless tricks to protect your boots in 2019? For a closer look at any of the described care products, visit your local store or browse the information online on our website. Why wait? Keep your boots beautiful today!