How To Care For Your Boys School Shoes

Do your kids wear down boys’ school shoes in record time?

Are you continually replacing styles or trying (and failing) to clean them up? Find a better way to do things! Let Spendless teach you what we know this season. We’ve got decades of experience outfitting students in shiny new styles. Helping customers keep their boys’ school shoes squeaky-clean is something we do all the time! So, if you’re eager to hear some tip and tricks from the experts, then keep on reading! We’ll talk you through the best ways to clean, maintain, and care for boys’ school shoes right now. 

Before we start, which sort of boys’ school shoes do you need? 

Would you like to look at sneakers, sandals, or traditional classroom footwear? Spendless has several boys’ school shoes available on our shelves. While you don’t need to have an answer right away, this is something you’ll want to keep in mind. Our glossy round-toed styles may be the popular pick for most students, but we know the importance of diversity too. Sneaker and trainers are must-haves for kids who play sports or have a weekly PE class. Sandals are a fitting choice for boys’ school shoes in the sweltering summer weather. You’ll find all kinds of designs available on our shelves. However, and lucky for you, you can take care of all of these boys’ school shoes using similar products.

Clean up material in seconds with Instant Shine sponges! 

Our top care product for cleaning boys’ school shoes (or any footwear) has to be our no-mess sponges! These work on any fabric and any colour, so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t work for your footwear. When your boys’ school shoes are looking dirty, dusty, or grubby, scrub the sponge over the surface and watch the mess clear away. Using these is so straightforward and easy that your kids could do it themselves. Once our Instant Sponge has worked its magic, you should have shiny boys’ school shoes again. Otherwise, you can follow up with a fresh coat of polish. 

Grab some of our spare laces! 

If your boys’ school shoes go tromping through mud, grime, and other messes, then you may need to replace the laces. The first few times, you will be able to clean up the material, but they will eventually start to stretch and lose their integrity after repeated abuse. Spendless has plenty of spare laces that will fit boys’ school shoes in all shapes and sizes. Not only do we have laces of different lengths and colours, but we also have round and flat styles as well. Unlace the old ones and dispose of them, and let a fresh set make your child’s footwear feel like new again! 

Is there a problem with the fit or feel of your boys’ school shoes?

Spendless is known for bringing our customers the most hard-wearing styles, but accidents can happen. If you’ve grabbed a too-big boys’ school shoes, or the insides are wearing on your current pair, we can help your children stay comfortable. Our innersoles offer instant relief if there’s something wrong with the fit or the feel your boys’ school shoes. These fabric and gel inserts slide inside of styles and provide a squishy base for student’s feet. Once again, these additions are a quick fix for minor problems and will save you from buying another set of boys’ school shoes. 

Let us help your kids out this season! 

Spendless has affordable boys’ school shoes on our shelves all year, and our effective care products can keep them looking and feeling perfect. By shopping at Spendless, you treat your little student to the best range around.