How the perfect pair of wedding shoes can make all the difference

How having a comfortable shoe for a wedding day can prevent sore feet and blisters

Your wedding day is just around the corner, and you have everything prepared but a pair of shoes because you are wondering what the correct pair for me is? Spendless is here to help you find the perfect pair of wedding shoes the can make all the difference.

When you are looking for a wedding shoe you want to have comfort, style and you can to avoid sore feet and blisters. However, what is the correct shoe for you?


Our women’s category on the Spendless website has a devoted area to bridal including heels and flats. Our heels range has different styles which include low heels, wedges and high heels such as stilettos and block heels. Depending on what you feel more comfortable with and if you are after a heel block heels are fabulous because they give more comfort and allow you to be on your feet all day but in saying that stilettos can be just as comfortable for the right person.

However, you could also go with a flat which has come back into style in the last few years. A flat is always great because there are no worries about not being able to be on your feet all day long and ending up having to take your shoes off. Our website has a range of bridal flats that are just perfect for your special day and can be used again after the wedding.

Another final option is that you could do two pairs of shoes much like women do two dresses. You could have a pair of comfortable heels for the ceremony but when you want to relax and dance a little a pair of flats might be the best option!


Men have it a little easier as they do not have to worry about heels or flats but they do have to worry about if they would like to have a closed in shoe or a sandal. This is depending on the setting such as a beach wedding, garden wedding or church wedding. However, you can use the Spendless website and go through our categories of dress shoes and sandals to locate the perfect pair of shoes for you. We also have a range of leather dress shoes for men which include loafers and lace up. We also have a category of sandals which could be perfect for a beach wedding.

Your wedding day should be a day of no worries which means that you need to choose the right shoe for you that gives you comfort and allows you to avoid sort feet. If you are worried about the fit and comfort of a pair of shoes the best thing is to head into one of our 220+ stores and try them on!