How Spendless Help You Find Comfortable Heels That Don’t Compromise On Style!

Looking For Comfortable Heels? 

If there’s one thing that can ruin anyone’s night, it’s foot pain. Specifically, foot pain from a cute new pair of shoes that you didn’t have time to break in and are regretting ever buying in the first place. At Spendless Shoes, we have the range of block heels to make sure it never happens again!

Block heels are oh-so-comfortable!

The broader platform helps body weight distribute evenly through your feet and ankles instead of placing pressure on them. Our supportive platform styles keep foot arch to a minimum and limit muscle strain, which means less pain.

Feel like dancing?

Let’s start with a pair for parties, shall we? Block heels are a go-to for get-togethers. With hours of comfortable wear guaranteed, these are a natural choice for a night of partying, Whether you’re out on the town, enjoying a cool venue or kicking back at someone’s house, block heels are an excellent pick.

Dancing is one thing that most ladies find difficult in stilettos. Even if they usually have the balance, most people would agree that the skinny base on a stiletto doesn’t give it the best endurance as a dance partner.

But with block heels, it’s no worry! You get better support and a thicker base to keep yourself supported and comfortable for the entirety of the event.

Our top pick for this sort of occasion would have to be a nice set of espadrilles or some chic strappy shoes.

Part of the bridal party?

Weddings are one place you don’t want to discount block heels! For starters, the Big Day can be incredibly long. Even if the official ceremony is quick, there’s all the set-up beforehand, reception or parties waiting after, and lots of photos to keep you posing!  

Flats are the shoes of choice, really, but if you don’t want to be the shortest in every picture, or there’s a strict dress code for guests, then block heels are the next best thing. These are ideal for sitting, standing, dancing, and everything else you might end up doing at a wedding. Plus, we have any number of gorgeous designs to fit the event.

White or silver block heels are classically beautiful, but gold and natural are strong rivals. However, our elegant diamante-covered block heels and kinds with glitter trim are non-negotiable if you want a look you can wear again this season!

Go as low as you like!

Block heels don’t have to be high! One nice thing about block heels is the fact that they give your legs some shaping. However, while taller styles might take this effect to the extreme, you can still get the same feel with low block heels as well.

At Spendless Shoes, we have a few favourite block heels in this section, but our top picks come in faux suede. This material has dominated the top looks of the season, and we adore both the pointy-toed look and single-strap variation equally. With black, natural, and eye-catching red block heels to choose from, you could fill your wardrobe with a rainbow of options. Working women, in particular, will find the colour array complements their current clothes, while still feeling fresh and modern.

These lower looks are more like fancy sandals than block heels, which means the styling options are endless. Whether you’re going casual and need something to lift your look or want a cosy set of shoes to see you through a busy day, these short block heels will be just what you need!

Browse styles today!

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