How Men And Women Can Wear Sandals And Still Look Stylish!

Stylish Men and Women Sandals 

Having trouble styling your new sandals? Spendless Shoes is here to help! Here’s a quick look at some of our favourite sandals of the season and how you can make them look even better!  

How do you choose?

Maybe the easiest way to look stylish in sandals is to pick something that’s already trendy! If you spot much-loved designs and sandals that are making the rounds online or in the shopping centres, then choose a current favourite that will keep your wardrobe current and trendy. From there, it’s all about preference, personal taste, and finding the right setting.

Style and function

These two work hand-in-hand more than most people realise. When you’re hunting down a new pair of sandals this season, be aware of where you’re going and what sort of occasion your shoes are suited for in the first place.

If you’re off to the beach or hanging out by the poolside, then the most appropriate style would (hands down) be some waterproof sandals. On the flipside, a dinner date or smart-casual party is not the place to bring your reed-walkers.

The same goes when styling your clothes. Pair off clothes and shoes that match the same settings, and you’re halfway to a good style choice.

Slip into something great

For one look you can’t go wrong with this season, our vote is for a fresh set of slides! These sandals have been a popular choice for men, women, and kids alike! With a thick top band, peep-toe look, and comfortable slide-on design, these open sandals are essential in the hot weather. They’re a step above your regular beach thongs and flip-flops, which means that while our stylish slide-on sandals can spend a day out by the shoreline, they can also hit some other venues without looking out of place.

Ladies will love the ever-trendy rhinestone-covered styles this summer, while men can enjoy cool retro stripes across the top of their sandals. Mix and match a new pair of these with your favourite basics for a classic look.

Grooved soles, anyone?

Another exciting pick this year would be a set of our Birkenstock-inspired styles. As with our slides, you’ll find versions of these in our men’s, women’s, and kids’ categories. The contoured inner, dual top straps, and grooved sole bring laidback vibes and natural comfort. The open design aid with air flow, while the leather supports circulation, which means your feet can stay cool on sunny days.

Denim is a natural pairing with any set of our Birkenstock sandals. A pair of these sandals with cut-off shorts will be flawless on guys, while a slightly-frayed skirt is a good match for the ladies.

Straps and cut-outs

Gladiators are a strong competitor for any sandals, especially for men. As a partially enclosed style, these sandals give you a lot of freedom around where you might wear them and how. For a weekend-worthy look, go with your favourite t-shirt and shorts. In more formal settings, a nice collared shirt and some smart chinos will be a calm and confident style statement.

We have gladiator sandals in the women’s category as well, but with a marked difference. Where the men’s kind have a sportier feel, these sandals are more bohemian. These strappy shoes have ties that crisscross up the bridge of the foot and wrap around your ankle. Flowing skirts or dresses will bring an airy look that’s ready for the beach or an afternoon on a picnic blanket.

Are you ready for fantastic sandals?

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