How Do I Choose The Right Heeled Boot For Me?

We Love High Heels Boots

Heel boots. They are beautiful, elegant, and a total bargain when you shop at Spendless Shoes. We have a vast array of colours and styles for you to choose for— but try not to be intimidated. To help you make your mind up on the perfect pair for you, we have pulled together some quick information on the best styles, the looks you can get for less, and how and where you can wear heel boots.
How well can you walk in them?

It's a funny question that needs a serious answer. If you buy tall heel boots, will you be able to walk in them? If you wear heel boots or stilettos all the time, the answer is probably yes. However, ladies who tend to lean towards skate shoes and flats might want to think about it. At Spendless Shoes, our heel boots come in a variety of heights so that you can choose from plenty of different styles

Colour options

At Spendless Shoes, we have the hottest styles with this year's best colours. Love that some statement red heel boots? Pick up some sock booties for your wardrobe. We have styles in grey, wine red, tan, black, and other neutral colours. Black shoes will instantly add drama to your look, while a neutral tan adds a chic and stylish touch. There's an old rule about matching your shoes with your accessories, so if you lean toward beige bags, grab some beige shoes, and vice versa for black. Our red heel boots will be an instant hit and take your look to the next level.


We have tall and ankle sized heel boots for you to browse through on our website. Our taller styles tend to be small and light to begin with, but we carry big block heels and wedges too. Our wedges are a good mediator between small heel boots and tall ones. If you want a bit more height when you wear your shoes but are afraid of teetering around all day, try wedge heel boots.

How to style them

One notable aspect of heel boots is that you have so many styling options. Let's start with ankle-high shoes and work our way up to thing-highs.

Ankle boots are a style that transcends the season. Little black heel boots can go out on Saturday night with the girls, be thrown on with a pair of jeans for the shops, or dip into a black-tie event with the perfect outfit. You can decide between a high shine or a soft faux suede finish.

Tall heel boots or knee-highs tend to come out in autumn and winter. These look great with beautiful coats, a matching scarf, or a nice knit jumper. Our mid-range heel boots are very slight, which means they make lovely work shoes as well.

Thigh-high and over-the-knees are an instant style statement. These catch the eyes and can dominate a look. Your legs will look like they go for miles when you wear matching tights— otherwise, leave a little skin between the top of the shoe and your dress or skirt. You can step out in style onto a thick, tall block heel. These heel boots are stunning, and as beautiful at a formal event as they do casually.

Shall we review? Spendless Shoes has a wide range of styles for you to pick. Our heel boots come tall, short, thick, thin, and in all sorts of colours. You can wear them casually out with friends, or with your best formal get-up. Shop in-store or online for the best of Spendless Shoes.