How A Pair Of Espadrilles Will Transform Your Summer Wardrobe

Espadrilles, the perfect summer accessory

Get a dramatic look this summer with espadrilles! These wedges work hard and play hard. In 2018, these are a top pick at Spendless Shoes. With versatile designs that can go from casual to formal, these heels will bring the latest look to your wardrobe. Tall and elegant, our espadrilles instantly draw eyes. Here's a quick guide to this sensational style!

Why more girls are choosing espadrilles this season

The best advantage of espadrilles is their flattering fit and long-lasting comfort! The sturdy platform is high but supportive, with a broad base that better connects you to the ground. You get the lift of a regular tall heel but have less pressure placed on your legs and ankles. In turn, this should keep your muscles from cramping up or fatiguing. In short, espadrilles mean hours of reliable comfort and plenty of time to dance!

Wearing them in the workplace

Our wedges are open styles with exposed or partially-covered toes, so make sure you have a quick peek at your general dress code to make sure that this will be appropriate for your workplace. After that, it's time to think about the height. As much as we love the tallest, towering espadrilles in our range, a shorter variation might be better in the office. For ladies who are always out and about, or who need to take public transport, a mid-high style will do the trick. If you spend most of your day behind a desk, however, then you can get away with some of our higher espadrilles.

As far as styling is concerned, espadrilles will be a fun look with patterned skirts or pants, and a great way to infuse a bit of summer into your workplace.

Flattering and feature fastenings

One fantastic aspect of espadrilles is the fact that you get a diverse range of fasteners.

One of our favourites at Spendless are the strappy kind. These lovely faux suede ties lace up your legs as high or low as you like. Tied up the calf in a delicate crisscross, you'll be feeling as graceful as a ballerina! Depending on how you configure them, our lace-up espadrilles can fit to make your legs and ankles appear longer and slimmer.

For quick and adjustable comfort, we have buckled kinds. The espadrilles are a fast fit for girls who are always on the go, the buckle on these wedge acts as a trendy and functional feature as well, depending on the shape and size.

Wedding styles

We love espadrilles in traditional bridal colours like beige and natural. If you want a little more glamour to heighten the look, then choosing a kind with a glinting rhinestone band across the toes is the best way to do it!

Simple but elegant, our diamante-covered espadrilles will complement jewellery and other accessories with the same sort of sparkle!

Picking the right texture

We love espadrilles with an inlaid rope and twine-feel base paired off with a matching should bag, for all the makings of a summer outfit that looks like it belongs down on the beachfront. The rougher, all-natural feel will help bring an edge to any outfit.

Espadrilles with smooth bases, on the other hand, will pair best with party dresses and different outfits that show off your calves; your legs will seem to go on forever! Soft, flowing, and silky fabrics will also be beautiful with our smooth espadrilles.

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