Heels That Suit The Sunshine? Spendless Shoes Has The Answer!

We've Got The Perfect Heels For Summer 

Spendless Shoes is here to help you find your perfect set of summer heels! Whether you need a fun party style, an elegant formal look, or something a little more relaxed while you soak up the sunshine, we have the range to suit you. With more colours, textures, designs, and embellishments than you will know what to do with, our collection of summer heels holds something for everyone. So, are you ready to get started? Here's a quick look at the options you might find at Spendless today!


Every wardrobe should have a pair of these voluptuous summer heels waiting inside. Your only excuse for not having espadrilles in your cupboard should be because they are on your feet! Espadrilles come with large platform bases that can give you a big boost in height without compromising your comfort. Our favourite versions of these summer heels come in a few different kinds. You might try some with textured, braided, inlaid rope. Otherwise, a smooth and silky feeling wedge might suit you better.

Beyond that, you also have your choice of buckled or lace-up styles. We appreciate buckled summer heels for their secure, reliable fit and changeable tightness. For something freer and floatier, you could try some of our lovely tie-up espadrilles. These summer heels instantly draw heads, turn heads, and slim down your ankles and calves for a flattering fit.

Block heels

These summer heels appear a little less bulky than the full espadrille wedge, but they are just as supportive! Block-based shoes bring long-lasting, steady comfort, which makes them the perfect party shoes. If you want to get up and dance in a pair of our block-based summer heels, then you can dive right in!

One of our favourites this season comes with pointed toes. While round-toed summer heels are ageless classics, a toe with a point is a dynamic statement. Plus, with faux suede material to soften the look, you get the best of both worlds with block-style summer heels!


At Spendless, our skinny stilettos are a perfect match for anyone who wants a light and dainty-looking style to bring their formal wardrobe up a level. With dazzling rhinestones, diamantes, and glitter trim adding a sparkly, high-class feel, these slim summer heels are the ultimate pick for parties, work functions, weddings, and special occasions.


When it comes to shoes that can switch between corporate and casual wear like a chameleon changes colour, then our pumps are one to watch. These summer heels have the difficult task of balancing practicality and function with beauty and design, so it is a good thing that our shoes are up to the task! With glossy, high-shine patent finishes to draw attention and reasonable base height, pump-style summer heels from Spendless Shoes look as gorgeous with your old denim jeans as they do with your work pants and pencil skirts.


The shortest of our summer heels come in the form of an old favourite: sling-backs! With their signature ankle strap, lovely low base, and pointy toe, our kitten heels are a hot pick this summer. These bring a touch of sophistication to whatever they're paired with, which is why they were out in force during the racing season.

Have summer heels ever looked so good?

Spendless Shoes has the perfect lineup waiting for you this season! If you need some fabulous new summer heels to see you through, then it's time you had a look at the range on offer. Visit us in one of our stores today and enjoy our excellent customer service, or jump online and browse at your leisure! For the best shoes around, you have to choose Spendless!