Heels That Don’t Need To Be Carried Home!

Are you tired of taking heels out for a fun night and returning home with sore feet and your shoes in your hands?

Are you tired of taking heels out for a fun night and returning home with sore feet and your shoes in your hands? Don't worry; we've all been in your position. If you're sick of huge block heels and sky-high stilettos that ruin your mood and your feet, then we've got pairs for you to wear out next time! Spendless Shoes has dozens of low and mid-high heels for you to choose from, so you never need to spend another event in shoe-related pain again! Now, let's get started:

Low heels are oh-so-comfy

It might go without saying, but we're saying it anyway! The truth of it is, short styles are the ones to choose if high heels cause you any suffering. You never need to compromise on comfort with our compact pairs!

What causes discomfort in the first place?

Heels might make your legs look slender and toned, but the steep incline you balance on to get that effect is the ultimate cause of your pain. For starters, the majority of your weight moves to balls of your feet. And, when the platform of your heels is as small as a stiletto, you place the rest of the pressure down onto a single tiny point. It doesn't matter what you weigh. Eventually, the buildup of pressure slowly manifests as muscle strain, and as tension in your feet and legs. Block heels buy your more time since they spread your weight across a more substantial base, but the pressure will still be present. The best way to maintain comfort, and to keep the flattering effect on your legs, is to get a shorter style.

Not only are low heels far more manageable to walk in, but they are also better suited to long hours of standing, dancing, and everything in between.

Are the styles in this range as fancy as high heels?

Yes, they are! Take a glimpse at our collection, and you'll see that most of our designs are near-identical to the tall ones. The only true difference is the height of the base. So, if you spot a gorgeous pair of block heels but looking at the steep incline hurts your soul, then don't despair. There's a solid chance that we have a short version of it as well.

So, would you like to hear about some of your options?

If you want to stick close to classic cocktail-attire designs, then our minimalist block heels will work a treat! With their slim toe straps and dainty fastenings, these create a sleek profile instantly. You'll get the look and a comfy fit without even trying.

Mules had a blast last season, and they are set to continue that trend into summer. With their cute peep-toes and airy design, mules are a perfect trans-seasonal pick. Our favourite mule heels come with one regular strap across the toes and a broader see-through strap above it.

Likewise, our sling-back styles are also going strong and now come in kitten and block-style heels. These shoes have a timeless feel and add an elegant air to any look. We highly recommend these sling-back heels for professional functions and other work-related events.

Finally, dress up your styles with a cool pattern! As some of the hottest 2019 designs, you'll find snakeskin and leopard-print designs on our low heels this season. These eye-grabbing finishes will give any outfit a lift! Match these with your existing animal prints, or give your block-coloured clothing a fashionable edge.

There are even more options waiting on your shelves!

Come and update your collection now! Join us in-store or online for a closer look at our low heels. You're spoiled for choice, and we know you'll appreciate the fantastic prices at Spendless Shoes!