Have You Got An Important Event Where you Need To Look Your Best?

Have You Got An Important Event Where you Need To Look Your Best?

Finding the perfect men's formal shoes is imperative, because they hold the power to make or break any outfit. Weddings, graduations, work functions, birthday parties, dinners at fancy restaurants— there are dozens of times and places that will require a higher class of footwear. At Spendless, we have a wide range of men's formal shoes to keep you looking sharp.

Laces or no laces?

No official outfit has ever gone astray when paired with men's formal shoes in an Oxford style. We hold a dozen shoe styles tailored like Oxfords. If you close your eyes and picture men's formal shoes, these are likely the pair you'll see. Lace-up men's formal shoes, usually with a slightly pointed toe, and promising the class every gentleman desires. A black, leather-look shoe with a high-shine finish that a mirror would envy. Black, polished perfection.

If your idea of a good time doesn't rhyme with laces, simple slip-on men's formal shoes might be your perfect fit. Our favourite slide-on men's formal shoes comes in contemporary design with a stylish square toe. We love these men's formal shoes with a sporty coat and chinos. Once again, these look sophisticated as anything in glossy black. Of course, a dress shoe in burnished tan can be a style statement too, when paired with navy or grey suits. In fact, one of our most popular styles of men's formal shoes come in tan.

That's right! Men's formal shoes aren't our only forte. We have a range of dress styles for boys as well.

For boys

Our styles for boys come in tan and black and are as sleek and shiny as our men's formal shoes. These are kind on little feet and can be adjusted quite easily. Slip-on men's formal shoes are also a top hit for ring-bearers, owing popularity to their flexible elastic side gussets and simple style. This type slide on and slide off, so there is no need to stress. We also have velcro alternatives for our youngest customers, and boots with tabs to assist in pulling on. Groomsmen big or small will find it easy to match with the rest of the party.


Boots are a trendy alternative to this season's men's formal shoes. Spendless carries several fresh styles in faux suede and leather-look material, which can work flawlessly for a classy event. These may not fly at a wedding or business function, but for a classy dinner or function, boots can do the job with ease. Keep your pants trim and fitted, your shirts collared or buttoned, and balance the look with a good jacket or blazer. Done and done.

Men's formal shoes from Spendless will have you standing out in style. With suave lace-up styles in black or tan, easy pull-on men's formal shoes, and breakout boots, our range is ready and waiting for you. Browse online or in-store and get the look for less.

Bulk orders

At Spendless, we are no strangers to catering for functions and events. Our wedding styles are so popular that we took the time to add a bridal section online. We know how stressful it can be to pull a wedding together in the first place, let alone when you need to order men's formal shoes for the groomsmen, all in different sizes, and delivered ASAP. Our online team is prepped and ready to handle bulk orders, and lift a bit of the burden off your shoulders. For more information, you can contact our team by emailing online.sales@spendless.com.au or call 1800 357 427. Be ready with the name, colour, and size breakdown for the promptest service.

Get the best in boy's and men's formal shoes at Spendless Shoes today.