Got A Wedding To Attend And Want To Be Comfortable?

Women's Bridal Flats 

So, it's wedding time. Whether you are the one getting married or merely a guest, finding shoes for the big day can be stressful. If you are lucky, there is no colour theme to follow. Otherwise, your list of options might be shrinking smaller and smaller. Spendless Shoes is here to help! We have a great selection of wedding and dress shoes for ladies and gentlemen. These are stunning, affordable styles that you are sure to wear again. If comfort is the significant factor for you, it's time for women's bridal flats.

Location, location

One big determiner for wearing women's bridal flats is the location of the wedding. It is all well and good to want your prettiest stilettos, but where the ceremony or reception gets hosted may put a stopper in that. Have you ever tried wearing heels on the beach? Have you ever tried walking in sand with them? It is not a safe, pleasant, or intelligent practice. A pair of women's bridal flats would be a much better choice. Wearing women's bridal flats for a wedding on the lawn or other grass surface is ideal for the same reason— especially if you find yourself without any heel stoppers. You will feel more like you are taking a casual stroll along the shore than attending a wedding. Women's bridal flats are perfect for weddings that take you outdoors.

Choose from great styles

Without bragging too much about our women's bridal flats— wait. Why shouldn't we boast a bit? Our women's bridal flats are lovely, elegant, and you can choose from a range of styles. Need something in silver? We have that. Gold? You know it! We have thongs, strappy sandals, sling-backs with metallic features, and trendy lace-up styles. No one is going to shun your women's bridal flats when they come from Spendless Shoes.

A matter of comfort

More often than not, you are going to end up abandoning those tall, gorgeous heels at some point during the wedding. Your feet (trained or not in the art of heel-endurance) will eventually buckle under the strain, given all the walking, posing, dancing, pacing, and standing you have to do in them. But with women's bridal flats, you can do all that and more. Can you imagine waking up the next morning without swollen, blistered feet in need of band-aids and some TLC? With women's bridal flats, that dream could become a reality.


If you still aren't sold on women's bridal flats for the entire event, why not get inventive? Have you considered taking two pairs to the wedding? It is not as strange as it sounds. If you plan on bringing a change of clothes, then adding some women's bridal flats to the pile is a no-brainer. You can wear your tallest, most outrageous heels during the photos or until your feet get tired, and then swap on some comfy women's bridal flats.

Avoiding adjustments

You forgot about this bit, didn't you? How many times have you had to pay to have a dress or skirt altered because the extra inches your heels gave you set the rest of your outfit at an odd length? Get women's bridal flats and save your money for something more important— like jewellery, accessories or prints! Women's bridal flats make it easy to fit your wedding get-up the first time. Having your outfit hemmed or lengthened is a pain, so being able to choose an outfit that supersedes that is fantastic.

At Spendless Shoes, we have the best range of women's bridal flats. You are sure to find the perfect pair for your upcoming wedding. They are comfortable, versatile, convenient and beautiful— why wouldn't you shop for women's bridal flats?