Going to the beach? Spendless Shoes has the perfect pair of thongs

What's Better Than  A Pair Of Thongs In Summer?

Ah, summer. We Australians know it to be one of the best seasons of the year. Watching the sunset burn red, pink and gold down by the beach, enjoying a world-class BBQ with your mates, or taking a stroll along the sand. Of course, it is also unspeakably hot too. You know you are going to need a good pair of thongs to survive the summer. At Spendless Shoes, we have all the best thongs for you to choose.

Surviving the weather

We all like acting tough in the hot weather. When you duck down to the shops to buy ice cream (cold, sweet, refreshing, and starting to melt onto your hand if you are not eating it fast enough), you decide not to bother wear shoes. Big mistake. Things immediately start going downhill. Burning the bottom of your feet is no fun, no matter how old you are, but above the age of ten or so, it is your fault. Thongs are the perfect way to stop burning your feet, and avoid the embarrassing explanations when people start asking why you are stepping so gingerly.

Hazards on the beach

Yes, we have all trodden on a sharp shell or two at one point. It builds character. At the very least, a sharp shell is still less painful than the horror that is stepping on a LEGO block. But when you are taking little kids down to the beach for the day, it is going to be hard to explain that when they are crying because they have cut their feet. Goodbye, fun day in the sun. Hello, tears. So once again— get some thongs. Thongs protect feet from sharp rocks, bits of shell, and maybe an especially angry crab here or there.

Quickly cleaned

Thongs are a dream to clean. If they get dirty, sandy, leafy, or some other kind of –y, you can always hose them down and leave them to dry. You can run thongs over a few time with your towel, and since they are not fabric, they will dry off quickly. For the natural option, wash your thongs off in the ocean before you leave the beach. Easy.

Our thongs

If you are after a fabulous pair of thongs, then you cannot go past Spendless Shoes. We have styles for men, women, and for kids. Women will find thongs in the "flats" category, while kids and men will need to look in their "sandals" section. Otherwise, you can always use the search engine to find what you need. Our thongs come in traditional styles, but there are some with funky patterns or even some bling to spice things up.
Another great thing about our thongs is that you can always get the look for less! Our thongs range from $7.99 to $29.99, so instead of spending heaps on a new pair of thongs, you can put the money to more important things for your summer... like some things to go on the BBQ.

The downsides

Just kidding. There are not many downsides to owning a pair of thongs. Maybe, just maybe, you will end up getting a sore sunburn on the tops of your feet and walking around with the shadow of the thongs "Y" straps on your foot until they fade. That is about it. And hey, you should have been wearing sunscreen anyway.
At Spendless Shoes, we have all the best new styles of thongs to save your feet this summer. Come and visit us online or in store today, and let our friendly team take care of it.