Get Ready For The School Year Without The Stress, Come To Spendless

This year, buying kids’ school shoes is no bore or chore when you shop at Spendless! If your resolution over New Year’s was to save more and reduce your stress levels, then we’re the retailer you should pick! Finding the perfect pair of kids’ school shoes is simple and easy, and we’re offering customers new and better ways to shop all the time, such as purchasing through our online store or choosing to Click & Collect. Are you familiar with all of the shopping options that Spendless provides? Read on, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to minimise your time looking for kids’ school shoes in-store in 2020. 





Shopping during the pre-semester rush is not fun. Between the lack of parking spaces, overrun stores, and the rapidly vanishing stock levels, getting your hands on kids’ school shoes can be a challenge. However, you can avoid all that noise by electing our online store instead. For a start, you can browse through all of our styles with speed and ease. Traditional kids’ school shoes, sneakers, sport-specific footwear, sandals, and other designs are set out in their category online. We even have uniform socks and other handy items in our range of accessories. Each set of kids’ school shoes has multiple images to give you a proper look at it. Better still, the size information and product description will tell you everything you need to know. And, once you’ve selected the kids’ school shoes you want, you get to experience the convenience (and appreciate the speed) of the delivery service. 





We can’t fault you for wanting to check the fit of your kids’ school shoes. After all, as the pair that your children will wear the most often, comfort and support are crucial; this is why we also offer foot care items like innersoles and other inserts in our accessories range. However, the best way to guarantee the comfort and support of your kids’ school shoes is to try them on in person. At Spendless, we make sure all of our team members can help customers find the best fit, so you know you’re in excellent hands when you join us in-store. But, deciding to shop in-store doesn’t mean that you can’t advance your shopping trip beforehand. A quick scan of our collection online can save you time looking for kids’ school shoes in a crowded store. 





Do you want to get the same style of your kids’ school shoes in a larger size? Click & Collect could be your best option. What Click & Collect will do is minimise your stress, reduce the amount of time you need to spend in-store, and guarantee that the style and size you want is waiting for you. The minimum spend for a Click & Collect order is $30, and that suits our kids’ school shoes pretty much perfectly! 


You can speed your way through the purchase process online and have the items delivered to your store of choice. When the time is right, you can head into the store, grab your already-paid-for kids’ school shoes, and head home. Bring your children along to try their new pair if you aren’t confident about the sizing. One of our helpful team members can assist you, and organise an exchange if your kids’ school shoes are too loose or tight. 





Let us keep your stress levels to a minimum, and treat your little students to the best new pair. There are dozens of different ways to shop for kids’ school shoes at Spendless, so take your pick!