Get Ready For Summer With Our Extensive Range Of Womens Sandals

Get ahead of the game and start looking for women’s sandals!

Spendless Shoes has an excellent line-up ready and available. Shop with us, and you can update your summertime collection and beat the pre-season shopping scramble! If you're looking for fantastic women’s sandals that can be your go-to for summer, then we have some recommendations for you. Here are some of our most popular picks to get you started:

Strappy women’s sandals

We’re starting this list off strong with one of our best-loved looks. Women’s sandals with self-tie straps are gorgeous, fun, and customisable for your ultimate comfort. The soft faux suede straps add that little-something-extra to any ensemble, but we especially love seeing them with skirts, dress, and short jumpsuits. Since you can tie the straps as low or high as you like, the configuration of these women’s sandals is entirely up to you. There are a few different colours available in our range this season (and in heaps of sizes), so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your wardrobe. You even have the option to get strappy women’s sandals with a standard flat sole or a thicker and spongier base! 

Peep-toe slides

If you’re looking to keep things casual this season, then a pair of our peep-toe slides could be the best women’s sandals for you! These slip-on shoes take no effort to get in and out of, and that quick transition can save you time and energy in the morning. Our faux suede versions look a little smarter than the synthetic women’s sandals, which means they’re an easy pick for semi-formal settings. However, since they handle sand and water better, you may want to try some synthetic slides for the beach instead of faux suede women’s sandals. Some of our favourites at Spendless include retro-feel black and white ones with stripes across the top. 

Summertime slides

Since we’re on the subject of slides, our Birkenstock-inspired women’s sandals are an essential item for any collection in 2019. These shoes were a top favourite last summer, and we expect them to be even bigger this year! You’ll recognise our Birkenstock-inspired styles at once when you see the two buckled bands on top. These women’s sandals have leather socks and soles that slowly change to fit your foot shape. The great appeal of these shoes is their ability to switch from casual to formal wear when you pair them with the right outfit. Also, the grooved soles on our trendy women’s sandals make them easy to take outdoors and into all sorts of terrains. Really, who wouldn’t want a pair of these?

Animal prints and patterns

Do you want the best fashion looks of the season on your women’s sandals? If you want your wardrobe to look fresh this summer, then we have to recommend styles with animal print on them. Wild patterns have been a huge hit this year, so we know they’ll slay on women’s sandals! At Spendless Shoes, you have the option of zebra stripes, leopard spots, or scaly snakeskin for your next purchase. Any or all of these will be a fitting match with clothes in neutral or monochrome colours. Of course, you could always take your look to the next level by adding another item with the same print as your women’s sandals. If you don’t want to wear clothes with animal print, then try a bag, purse, scrunchie, hair scarf, or another accessory! 

Get inspired for summer at Spendless Shoes!

Hopefully, this handful of women’s sandals has got you excited for the summer ahead. Browse looks online, or visit your local Spendless store to see your other options. Have fun and spend less on women’s sandals with us this season!