Fun Kids Boots at Spendless!

Are you trying to fit someone fussy this season?

Don’t worry— Spendless Shoes is here to help. Here are a few things to note about our fantastic kids’ boots!

Our styles have adjustable fitting features

Children can get annoyed by kids’ boots because of the fit or feel of them. The younger the child is, the less likely they are to communicate this problem and the more likely they are to wiggle out of them instead. At Spendless Shoes, our kids’ boots have touch-fastening tabs, elasticised panels, and laced uppers. Styles with touch-fastening tabs and laces can be loosened or tightened as needed, so they can always change for better comfort. However, kids’ boots with elastic panels stretch from the get-go, which means they can accommodate sensitive feet.

An abundance of colour choices

Kids’ boots from our collection for girls have the most variety, but there are plenty of options for boys as well. If your children are very particular about the shade their shoes should be, then the vast assortment of kids’ boots available is going to be a bonus. We have variations in black, brown, tan, pink, blue, and even more colours!

What about the length?

While boys have mainly ankle-high kids’ boots in the collection, girls have longer styles they can choose from Spendless Shoes. Short styles pair well with different clothes, but taller kids’ boots add an extra fashion element. Once again, the diverse range provides plenty of options for everyone.

Do your children want kids’ boots that match Mum or Dad?

At Spendless Shoes, we have the shoes to accommodate you! Many of our best styles for men and women have a younger version, and our kids’ boots are no exception. This year, combat and biker-look designs are the top picks for mums and daughters, while formal and desert-style shoes work for sons and dads.

Bundle up with slippers!

During wintertime, slippers are one kind of kids’ boots that no child can refuse! These soft and fuzzy styles are snuggly warm and great to wear indoors. Children are some of the most susceptible to the cold, so protecting their tiny toes in nasty weather is always a must. With our slippers and plushy kids’ boots, you get the best of both worlds. The real struggle will be getting your children to take them off again! Older children have their pick of classic ugg styles, while toddlers can enjoy some super cute styles with cartoon characters across the top. Our top pick from the slipper section of kids’ boots has to be our unicorn-shaped ones— if your child loves all things fairytale, then grab a pair today!

Get set for rainy weather

If your children love playing outside in rain or shine, then our waterproof kids’ boots are a must. These trendy pull-on styles come with rainbow stripes, spider webs, sparkles, and even dinosaurs! Pleasing fussy children will be no trouble with these fun styles, especially once they realise these are virtually indestructible. Our rainproof kids’ boots can stomp in puddles or squelch around muddy lawns and come back for more. Instead of throwing these out once they’re dirty (and incurring tears), you rinse these kids’ boots off again, and they’ll be like new. Plus, they make an excellent pair for little gardeners too!

Start your search at Spendless Shoes!

Not only do we provide excellent service in stores to find the right sizes for children, but we also offer support online as well. If you’re struggling to find styles, sizes, or need questions answered, then our friendly team can always assist you. Now, come and find the ultimate kids’ boots!