For Style and Comfort, You Can’t go past Our Mens Canvas Shoes

You'll Love Our Mens Canvas Shoes 

If you are looking for a casual style that can maintain both comfort and trend, then men's canvas shoes are the way to go. You can choose from a variety of styles at Spendless. From our range, you will find combinations of materials and designs that will forever revolutionise how you view men's canvas shoes. They are supremely comfortable, easy to match with the rest of your wardrobe, and can dress up or dress down as you need.

Supreme comfort

Men's canvas shoes have many different features, all of which contribute to more comfortable wear. Firstly, a number of our styles have padded collars; these help cushion the back of your heels and can help to discourage blisters from forming. If you need something that will help you last longer, and make the most of your day, then men's canvas shoes are what you are after.

While few have the sporty soles of sneakers or high-level trainers, men's canvas shoes are just as light and flexible. If you intend to spend your day out and about, these are the perfect choice to slide on in the morning.

When it comes to casual wear, it does not get more straightforward than men's canvas shoes.

How to wear men's canvas shoes in style

Here are our quick tips and tricks for wearing men's canvas shoes. Maintaining balance is important. Try to match colours where you can. Avoid pairing bulky styles with loose fitting jeans, or else you might risk ballooning your legs. Fitted jeans or chinos and a t-shirt are always a great match.

Most of all, remember to keep things casual. While they can look marvellous with right get-up, you are likely not going to be wearing men's canvas shoes out to a work function or a wedding. These are an everyday pair. If you enjoy wearing gym or exercise gear on the weekends, these will go together wonderfully.

The material world

Maybe you are after something a little different to standard men's canvas shoes. If you want to up your game on the casual footwear front, picking styles in some more diverse materials is an excellent place to start.
Picking men's canvas shoes in faux suede is a good fashion choice. The material adds another aspect of style but maintains the relaxed air of regular men's canvas shoes. However, one thing to keep in mind with faux suede is the reaction it has to water. Spendless makes the majority of our products using synthetic materials, which are more water-resistant than standard suede. If you are worried about faux suede men's canvas shoes tarnishing, you can always pick up some of our waterproofing sprays to protect it. Otherwise, save these for sunny weather.

Another popular choice of material to spruce up men's canvas shoes is our leather-look range. These are commonly black or white, and they have a high-shine surface. The polished finish is reminiscent of dressier footwear, but again, these maintain the laidback feel of men's canvas shoes. If you want a smart-casual or relaxed-formal look, a set of shiny men's canvas shoes with some chinos and a sharp jacket make a winning combination.

And that's that!

If you are after men's canvas shoes, the Spendless team would be glad to help you however we can. Whether it is helping you find a flawless fit in one of our stores, or answering queries using our LiveChat feature, we will work hard to make your service experience as convenient and quick as possible. Visit us today! Browse styles online, or head to your local Spendless, and find men's canvas shoes today!