Flats Don’t Have to Be Boring With Spendless

Who said flats have to boring!

If you think heels are the only shoes to have fun in, then you need to take a look at the range from Spendless Shoes. We have classic and modern styles that can suit anyone! Read on, get inspired about flats, and find out which types we have available!

Do you like staying active? Our sporty flats could be your ultimate match!

If your sneakers and trainers are feeling tired and predictable, then our trendy selection of flats should work like a charm! Lightweight and flexible, these slip-on shoes come with mesh material that allows air to circulate and cool your feet. You might not run a marathon in these flats, but their soles have excellent traction and look fantastic with your everyday active gear. At Spendless Shoes, we have several different shades available for these shoes, so finding ones you love will be a breeze.

Are you looking for a style to wear to work? Spendless has just the thing.

Loafers have gained a massive following over the past season, and it’s no mystery why they have! The instant slide-on fit is part of the appeal, as you can get them on quickly in a rush without bending your feet into awkward or uncomfortable positions. Couple that fast transition with a glossy leather-look material and decorative metallic feature, and you’ve got a winning pair! Our flats are a smart match with all of our classic work clothes, but we love seeing them with a matching black blazer. So, trade out your pumps for a comfy set of loafers and make sore feet a thing of the past!

What about styles with that little something extra?

At Spendless, our range of flats come with all sorts of embellishments and unique features. Our laser-cut dress shoes are a prime example of this. If you love fresh fashions, then these flats will be the stuff of dreams. The material of these flats is decorated with circular cut-outs and pin-punched detailing. Modern and fun, the open sides give our sweet dress shoes a summery feel, so they can brighten up any outfit! Plus, you’re guaranteed a snug fit because you can loosen or tighten your flats by redoing the laces.

Do you adore classic designs? Ballet flats are timeless!

While they can get overshadowed by flashier designs, these subtle shoes are the perfect go-to for any event. A standard pair of ballet flats can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any occasion, from casual coffee dates to formal occasions. If you’re in for a long day up on your feet or need to traverse terrain that’s too tricky for stilettos, then a sophisticated set of ballet flats are always appealing. This season, we think a set with soft faux suede or lacey material would work wonderfully for anyone.

Finally, you can kick back and relax in our superb slides.

Every woman should have a pair of these flats in her collection. Whether you prefer flats with peep-toes, crossover bands, or toe-bar straps, these trendy shoes will make the ultimate casual option. The dressiest slides in this category are much-loved bridal styles and come with diamantes, pearly beads, and other sparkly additions. Not only are they a fun change from standard wedding shoes, but they’re also ideal for outdoor venues and perfectly comfortable. Our most laidback slides would make a marvellous pick for a day out in the sunshine. At Spendless Shoes, you’re sure to find flats for formal occasions, casual days, or both!

Are you ready to make 2019 fun with flats?

For trendy, affordable, and beautiful shoes this season, come shop at Spendless!