Finding the best fitting kids shoe for growing feet

Finding The Best Fitting Kids Shoe For Growing Feet

Most kids seem like they won't ever stop growing. If your kids' shoes keep on being grown-out of rather than worn-out, Spendless Shoes has some tips for you. Let's start at the beginning of our kids' shoes range, and work our way up.

First Walkers

These kids' shoes are specifically for toddlers. They are soft, lightweight, and strap on easily with velcro. Your kids should not be able to kick these off of their feet without some significant effort, and they are perfectly cosy for little toes. Our First Walker sandals and slip-on kids' shoes are an excellent way to move them up the ranks as they start walking.

Casual kids' shoes

Parents with little girls or boys will love our range of kids' shoes. We have retro trainers, bright sneakers sporty sandals, and beautiful boots and ballet flats. With so many kids' shoes to choose from, you are utterly spoiled for choice. Chances are, your children will find a pair of kids' shoes that they utterly adore, and are very upset when they realise are too big for them now. With such a broad range of sizes, Spendless Shoes makes it easy to buy a favourite pair of kids' shoes in the next size up.

School shoes

These are the big one when it comes to kids' shoes. Your kids are going to spend most of their week in school shoes, so it is important to get the right fit. If you shop in one of our stores, make sure your child tries the kids' shoes on with the same thick or thin socks they have to wear them with at school. Try flexing the ball of kids' shoes back— you want some flex in the foot for the best comfort, but not so much that you can fold them in half.

Another critical factor is to locate kids' shoes that allow movement. The majority of our styles are synthetic, but much of the school section of our kids' shoes feature leather. The leather is excellent in a school style because it will enable the foot to breathe and it is also great for movement.

Sizing in general

The best way to figure out what the best kids' shoe is for your child's growing feet is to try them on. However, if you can't make it to a store, then you can also use our sizing chart on our website which also includes measurements for the smaller kids. Using our sizing chart allows you to look at other sizes from around the world (UK, US, and EU) to the Spendless sizes, so find the right size of kids' shoes should be almost effortless.

Trouble fitting?

So, you thought you would be sneaky and buy your kids' shoes a size up. It seemed like such a good idea, except they cannot seem to stop tripping over their feet now. Oops. Well, how about some insoles? These are great at padding out kids' shoes, plus they make them even more comfortable. At Spendless Shoes, you can buy gel insoles, comfort foam insoles, or supreme insoles online or in our stores from the accessories section.

If you locate a shoe that you think might be the best fitting kids' shoes for your child's growing feet, then there are two ways to purchase them which include buying online and going into a store. Finding the best fitting kids' shoes for growing feet can seem like a tough time, but Spendless Shoes will help you find the perfect pair every time. Find a new pair of kids' shoes today, and get the look for less.