Finding School Shoes Is Easy With Spendless Shoes

Finding Kids School Shoes 

Kids’ school shoes. Once your children start their education, these will be footwear they spend the most time in, so it is essential to find the best fit. At Spendless, we offer a vast range of styles for students of all ages and styles so that you can get the look for less.

The classic style

Classic kids’ school shoes come with a polished black finish and a round toe. Styles with a single or double velcro strap will be the perfect place to start for our youngest customers. These will keep little feet safe and secure before your children learn how to tie laces. They are easy to get on and off if you are in a rush, but unlikely to come undone during playtime.

The best kind for older students are lace-ups. At Spendless Shoes, our styles come with a slight heel, as it places feet into a more neutral position and provides extra support. The bottom tread gives the sole good grip, and sometimes special slip-resistance. The laces make adjusting kids’ school shoes for wider or thinner feet effortless and provide a better fit all-round. These are made for comfort, style, and remain a classroom classic. These are what you will see when you close your eyes and picture kids’ school shoes.

Sporty styles

Of course, these are not all built for the classroom. Spendless carries several hot styles in black and white, where the choice of velcro or laces is entirely yours. With feature panels on the sides, these sneakers are ideal for children who are always on the go. Slipping or sliding should be no issue in these kids’ school shoes, as the design comes with an impressive tread for extra grip. There are tabs on the heel to help pull these kids' school shoes on as well.

Kids’ school shoes also come in skate style. Our shiny, leather look trainers are kind on feet and perfect for a day of playing and learning. With a padded collar for added cushioning, your children will love racing around in these kids’ school shoes.

Sandals as kids’ school shoes

For younger boys, kids’ school shoes could mean a little sandal. At Spendless we carry several variations of this style, but the ones with toes covered are the best for the playground. They are lightweight, allow feet breathability, and these kids’ school shoes come with a sporty bottom sole that is perfect for running around playgrounds or on the grass.

The variation for girls would have to be the Mary-Jane style. These kids’ school shoes are usually flat and have a single strap or T-Bar shaped strap over the bridge of the foot. At Spendless, our Mary-Jane style kids’ school shoes come with velcro or buckle straps for an adjustable fit. These have as shiny a finish as any of our kids’ school shoes, as well as trendy laser cut-outs over the toes for extra style. Your children will love going out in these!

Where to get it

You can pick up a great new pair of kids’ school shoes from Spendless when you visit us online or in store. Browse the latest kids’ school shoes where you want and when you want on the Spendless website. We offer AfterPay and ZipPay so our customers can enjoy more flexible payment options. Do you want velcro, laces, or buckles? Should your kids’ school shoes be sandals, trainers, or a classic lace-up? The choice is yours when you shop with Spendless Shoes. Get the best in kids’ school shoes today.