Find thongs for the whole family at Spendless Shoes

Because Everyone Needs Thongs

It is time to talk thongs. At Spendless Shoes, we love and appreciate a good pair of thongs. The list of why we love them is almost endless, and when you shop with us, we will help you find your perfect set.  Finding the best thongs for the entire family can be a challenge and also expensive, but here at Spendless we are here to make your shopping experience for thongs easier and have you paying less!

Out to the shops

Can you think of a more stunning simplistic style to wear out to the shops? Maybe you need to do a quick run to restock the pantry. Perhaps you want to see how much ice cream your spare change can get you on a swelteringly hot day. How about hot chips or a slushy? Whatever the reason, you are going to want to do it in thongs. They slide on, and then they slide off. On a day when you cannot be bothered with anything else, thongs are an especially relaxed, no-stress style.

Of to the beach

Do you spend as much of your summer on the beach as you can? You need thongs. Whether you like walking across the beachfront, on the sand with shoes in hand, or like letting the ocean waves lap at your heels, you will love thongs. These are the one type of shoes that you will ever be able to get sand off. Wash them under a tap, hose them down, or go natural by washing them in the ocean.

Out and about in the summer

Maybe you are just walking around to your friend’s house for a fun day at the poolside or to hang out. Why should you need any shoes, let alone thongs? Well, because it is all fun and games until you are halfway there, and your feet are burning when they touch the ground. The tarmac fees like lava, and the footpath has sharp bits of rock and leaves and all sorts of other painful things. So, wear thongs next time. Spare yourself some pain by planning and remembering to wear your thongs.

Our kids' range

Spendless Shoes thongs for kids are bright, colourful, and decorated with many different patterns. Girls can find geometric prints, striped shoes, and cute cartoons. Boys’ thongs also come with stripes, as well as cute cartoony animals. These are very easy to spot on the sand which is convenient if your kids have a habit of losing shoes.

The men's and women's range

These thongs come in a vast variety of styles and designs. Women will find perfect beach kinds, as well as some metallic or diamante additions across the straps. We even have women’s thongs with a wedge heel for more formal occasions. Men will find the same classic styles as women, but can also enjoy thongs in larger sizes than many of our standard shoes. These have nice thick soles for better cushioning.

Our thongs are all lightweight and comfortable, which makes them perfect in a scorching hot summer.

Super affordable

At Spendless Shoes, you can always get the look for less. That is why our thongs are good quality and inexpensive. Women and men will find that most of their thongs are under $30, while kids usually peak at $20. Why not buy an extra pair and leave them in your car? It’s a good backup if you lose the right/left foot here or there. Otherwise, you will have a pair waiting if you are feeling spontaneous and decide to head down to the beach.

At Spendless Shoes, you can find thongs for the whole family. Find a style that you want to live in this summer. Enjoy the little things. Get the look for less at Spendless Shoes.