Everything You Need In Men’s Work Boots In One Place

Everything You Need In Men's Work Boots In One Place

Men's work boots are an essential style across a growing range of workplaces. Tradies will always favour them, as exposure to large vehicles or heavy machinery and tools almost always requires safety shoes. But men's work boots are not limited to these professions alone; cleaners, bartenders, and even employees in fast food businesses may be expected to get higher level footwear, or at the very least a steel cap.

At Spendless Shoes, we are proud to sell men's work boots that are Australian Safety Standard Certified. Our shoes are as durable and reliable as the people who buy them. As always, we are ready to bringing our customers the look for less.

So, what sets our men's work boots apart? Easy. Hot styles, the best safety features, health benefits, and a price you can afford.


At Spendless Shoes we carry two over-branching styles of men's work boots. The first is the pull-on boot, and the second is the lace-up boot.

Pull-on men's work boots are sleek and stylish. With easy tabs to assist in taking them on and off, these men's work boots have all the style of a casual Chelsea boot. Practical elastic side gussets make for a natural fit, and allow more flexibility for your feet. They are simple but effective and look as well off-duty as they do on.

Our second excellent style is the lace-up boot. These are built for heavy-duty wear and tear, as they feature different reinforcements to maintain their integrity over time. These styles have metal eyelets for their shoelaces, an ingenious design that reduces creasing and damages that would occur when those laces are tightened or tied. Men's work boots with laces also have padded collars that support and cushion the ankle. Laces are easy for you to alter if need be, so sizing has room for adjustment.

Safety features of men's work boots:

Thick soles and good tread. It may seem obvious, but providing an excellent sole on a men's work boot safeguards feet from very avoidable dangers. You can drastically reduce the risk of impaling your feet on a nasty stray nail or other sharp material. Better grip means less chance of sliding or slipping around if you are regularly exposed to chemicals, electrical hazards, or oils and other slippery substances.

Many of our men's work boots come with steel caps which protect your poor, vulnerable toes. The last thing anyone (employer and employee alike) wants is to get toes broken, bruised, or crushed while on the job. They may play an important role in balance, but toes were not built to endure heavy punishment— that's why it is so crucial that our men's work boots are up to the task of protecting them.

At best, you potentially save your feet from injury when a horrendously heavy object happens to land on them. At the very least, you will be able to stub your toes on things without realising you did it.

Health benefits of men's work boots:

Pain or discomfort caused by ill-equipped shoes and long hours can cause stress in your legs, knees, and lower back. With arch support and superior comfort, a properly fitted pair of men's work boots can reduce both muscle strain and fatigue.

The price you'll pay:

Our men's work boots are as affordable as ever. At full price, our products range from $39.99 to $69.99, but the quality never wavers.

Spendless Shoes offers you our best men's work boots, at the best prices. Get the ultimate safety features without sacrificing style. Get the look for less at Spendless Shoes.