Every Man Needs A Go To Shoe

The Perfect Casual Mens Shoes From Spendless

There's a reason we love regular clothes so much— the comfort, the ease of it all. When it comes to casual men's shoes, there is a wide range of options so you can find your perfect pair. Loafers, skate styles, and boots, to name a few!


Loafers have long been persecuted and accused of, well, loafing. But we know loafers can be a style statement for casual men's shoes when you wear them right. With some chinos in light colours or a pair of shorts, loafers are great for general wear. There is something about these casual men's shoes that feels relaxed and laidback. Calm and confident. The big question is your thoughts about socks. To wear, or not to wear? Well, that one is up to you. Whether you are flashing some ankle or your favourite print socks, your casual men's shoes will look as trendy.


The Chelsea boot. Oh, the Chelsea boot. How can words describe the versatility, the wear-ability, or the sustainability across the seasons as casual men's shoes? Ankle boots may be the ultimate casual men's shoes. Elastic side gussets make it easy to fit and put on. The smooth and shiny finish is the stuff of dreams. Wear these casual men's shoes with jeans, jackets, chinos, and whatever else you can imagine. In truth, there is no one way to wear a Chelsea boot— the hard part is trying to stop wearing it.

Sporty Styles

Want to hear a secret? You don't need to be an Olympian to wear sports gear out. Sports luxe styles make some of the greatest casual men's shoes of all time. They're comfortable, look amazing, and their streamlined design will lift your outfit to new heights. And hey, if you want to drop by the gym or go for a run, you've already got the casual men's shoes for it.

Beyond sneakers and regular trainers, the best casual men's shoes can be skate shoes. They are a no-brainer when it comes to matching your jeans and t-shirt combination, or acting as an edgy addition to formal wear. You can't go wrong with casual men's shoes in greys this season, but earthy browns or a retro black and white design would be a worthy addition to your wardrobe as well. Try dark, contrasting laces against a lighter material, and vice versa. The truly brave may take on a pure white trainer but should bear in mind that white may not be the most sustainable colour on your casual men's shoes going into the wet weather.

Sleek street-style is simplified thanks to hi-top skate styles. Hi-tops aren't limited to your old Converses, after all. As long as you don't make the mistake of covering these casual men's shoes with longer or flare pants, and making your poor ankles look alarmingly swollen, you will be fine. Hi-tops are another natural pairing for a guy who loves his casual men's shoes with jeans and t-shirt. The best thing about hi-tops is that they won't make or break your ensemble; what they can do is stop you looking overdressed while keeping your winter wardrobe looking sharp.


How about some kinds built for the boat? Boat shoes are the silent assassin of casual men's shoes. A pair of these can look downright suave below classic blue jeans. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, but these casual men's shoes also come in all shapes and sizes to fit your pleasure. No socks required or desired.

Casual men's shoes should be comfortable and effortless. At Spendless, we believe the perfect pair for you should never be a struggle, which is why you always get the look for less.