Every Girl Needs That Perfect Pair of Winter Boots

Best Women's Winter Boots

At Spendless Shoes, you can find the best women's winter boots around. It does not matter if you are browsing for a specific look or at random— anyone can find a style that appeals to them from amongst our stunning selection. We have women's winter boots with lovely leather-look and faux suede finishes. Black, tan, red, grey— the list of colour choices keeps on growing. Concerning style, you also have your selection of ankle-high, knee-high, or thigh-high women's winter boots. So, what are the best kind of women's winter boots for you?

The basics

If you like shoes you can wear all year, some ankle-high women's winter boots might be the right move for you. These are simple but elegant. You can wear them in the warmer months with skirts or even shorts, too.
Taller women's winter boots (ones that reach the knees or higher) are perfect for the colder seasons. These provide more protection and cover, as well as adding an edge to your ensemble. You can keep warm and look gorgeous at the same time.

Just add heels

What could be better for a formal event than a pair of women's winter boots? Easy. Some women's winter boots with a heel. Never underestimate the power a heel has to take a style from casual to formal. These will add a little dramatic flair to any outfit. Whether the tall or short, the block heels on our women's winter boots will be no struggle to manage. The block heel allows for better balance and distribution of body weight, which means you get the extra centimetres without feeling them. If you are making plans for a big night out, some ankle-high women's winter boots could make the perfect pair for you.

Standout fashion

Women's winter boots can add drama to your look without heels too. In fact, any that reach above the ankles are sure to start making a statement.
If you are pairing long women's winter boots with a skirt or dress, don't be afraid to show some skin between them. Not only will it create a natural break between some of the colours, but it can also make your legs look elongated.

How to wear the boldest colours

Browns and blacks will always be a favourite, but they might have some competition. Red continues to be a standout colour this season, in both rich purple overtones and pure and vibrant scarlet. Keep the rest of your colour scheme in either neutrals or monochromes to avoid overloading your outfit, but a few splashes of the same colour (with a bag, a scarf, your nails, or just your makeup) can be a beautiful touch with bright women's winter boots.


Surely you didn't think we would miss these out? When it comes to women's winter boots, there is no way you can go past slippers. There are plenty of people who keep a pair in their car (for a comfortable alternative to whatever else they were wearing) when it is time to drive home. Others decide a quick trip to the supermarket in their slippers is hardly the end of the world. Nowadays, most people would not look twice at you wearing slippers or your best uggs outside the house. Honestly, we get it. At Spendless Shoes, our women's winter boots from the slipper range are so comfy you will never want to take them off. With faux fur, soft fabrics, or plushy lining, our women's winter boots will be keeping you warm and toasty all night long.

So, what kind of women's winter boots will you take home? Shop with us online or in person at one of our stores. Get the look for less at Spendless Shoes.