Every girl needs heels, short, tall, even lace-up

Every girl needs to have a wardrobe full of heels. They are the perfect way to dress up a casual outfit, or to go toe-to-toe with a formal get-up. Whether you are a venerated heel-lover or fresh to the game, at Spendless Shoes, we have all the heels you could need. At Spendless Shoes, you can get the look for less— short, tall, or even chic lace-up heels.
Strappy heels with a cool Boho vibe are stunning the shelves this season, as well as everyone's favourite edgy block heels and glittering diamante styles. High, kitten, wedge heels; you can find all of these on our Spendless website under our women's category. We are sure that you will end up seeing a pair of heels in every style that you have to have!


Block heels are sturdy, reliable, and a must for any girl's wardrobe. Our block heels are perfect for your wardrobe because they allow stability but are also fashion-forward, which means they get continually updated with the best new styles! They come in a range of colours such as black, pink, white, natural and tans, which makes matching them with your outfit effortless. We love block heels in black to add some drama to your ensemble.


Wedges are a hot style for anyone who gets nervous around tall, thin heels. Maybe you have rolled one too many ankles on a night out, or feel as though you need to tip-toe around when you wear them. If this sounds like you, wedges could be a great solution. Wedges have all the fun and versatility of any other heels, as well as giving you the height you desire while maintaining comfort and stability. If tall heels lead to aches and pains for you, wedges are a safe and stylish option.


Our high heel range is more stiletto focused, but these types of heels are so pretty it hurts. They look great with anything and can be used again and again for formal events to going out. They come in a range of colours such as silver, rose gold, red, black and natural and can even come with glitter!


Lace-up heels made waves in the fashion world at the start of the season. Sweeping summer by storm, more than girl got carried away and bought more pairs than they should have. But really, who can resist? At Spendless Shoes, our lace-ups even come in soft faux suede for some added style. These great tie-up types help lengthen your legs, and you have all the control over how high or tightly you wear them. It is no wonder these heels are here to stay. Lace-ups also come with cosy block heels or thinner points. These will look incredible with any outfit, so find a pair of these for your wardrobe soon!

Want to know how you can get them? First, you can try locating them in a store via our handy online search tool:

1. Choose the style, colour and size.
2. Click 'find in store' and update with your postcode.
3. Click your nearest stores and then hit update selection
4. It will show you if the shoe you are after is at your nearest store!

If you are buying our fabulous heels online:

1. Choose the heels, colour and size that you are after.
2. Click add to cart, if you are only after one pair of shoe click checkout.
3. It will then redirect you to a new page which includes shipping details and methods. Fill in your details and choose your shipping methods such as express shipping or standard.
4. It will then take you to the review and payments options where you can choose between credit card, Afterpay or Zippay.
5. Complete your transaction, and your new shoes will be on the way to you!

So there you have it! At Spendless Shoes, we have a big range of heels to choose from the next time you need to update your wardrobe. Block heels, wedges, stylish lace-ups, and every kind of high heel imaginable.