Durable School Shoes That Will Survive The Lunchtime Soccer Game!

Finding The Perfect School Shoes 

On the lookout for boys' school shoes? Spendless has got you covered!

Durability is such an essential part of boys' school shoes. You may not be able to help growth spurts that render styles obsolete, but that doesn't mean that you should excuse split seams, marked material, or rapid deterioration of your child's footwear. Your kids should be growing out of their boys' school shoes, not wearing out of them.

Our styles

Boys' school shoes can get split into three main categories: classic, sporty kinds, and sandals. While sandals are great for the playground and summer months, and our sneakers help kids have fun and stay active, we'll be focusing on the black, glossy, round-toed classroom classics.

It's a hard-knock life

You can also pretty much guarantee that boys' school shoes are going to get put through the works. Not only do they have to deal with constant wear from Monday to Friday and from term to term, but also deal with high-energy wearers. After all, it's not just games at lunch and recess that can wear boys' school shoes down. One of the most common times that scuffs and scrapes happen is when kids are sitting in the classroom, and their toes brush back and forth on the carpet.

So, how do we help to protect boys' school shoes from wearing down?

Firstly, we start by picking the right material. At Spendless, our boys' school shoes come in synthetic, leather, or a combination of both materials. We've worked hard to incorporate the airy and breathable feel of leather with the long-lasting durability of human-made materials.

Concerning scuff and scrapes, leather tends to be able to hide these under a fresh coat of polish. On the other hand, synthetic styles are more waterproof and clean off faster, which makes them an excellent choice for younger kids. These design features help make boys' school shoes from Spendless last longer and maintain good quality.

Be sure that you get the proper style for your child

The fastenings that you get on your kid's boys' school shoes is another critical factor in helping to maintain their quality. One crucial aspect of this is making them age appropriate.

Unfortunately, it is our smallest customers who are the least likely to realise their laces have come undone, which makes them the most likely to trip over them. If you want to stop them skinning their knees and marking their boys' school shoes, then touch-fastening straps are the solution. These dual and triple touch-fastening straps are perfect for early learners who cannot tie laces up by themselves yet.

For the next age group up, we have styles with both laces and touch-fastening straps. Your children can pace themselves while they learn to do- up their boys' school shoes. The top strap will help keep feet secure and act as a failsafe for loose laces.

Last but not least, we also have classic lace-up boys' school shoes for older students.

One last note

Since we're heading into the holiday period, you might consider looking online for boys' school shoes instead of going into a store. With holidays crowds set to swamp shopping centres, you can save yourself time and stress by browsing with Spendless online instead. With detailed photographs, descriptions, and sizing information, you have everything you need to choose the perfect pair of boys' school shoes.

So, are you ready to get boys' school shoes?

For reliable and durable little styles that can make it on the playground and in the classroom, shop styles at Spendless! We'll find the perfect pair of boys' school shoes for your child in no time!