Do you Need New Boots? Have You Seen This Seasons' Long Boots

Long Boots At Spendless Shoes

Lovers of long boots, look no further! Spendless Shoes has got all the best styles for you, and at all the lowest prices. Our long boots are cosy, lovely, and warm for the winter months. With soft faux suede finish or a lining of fluffy faux fur, Spendless Shoes has long boots to keep more than just your toes toasty. There has never been a better time to get a new pair for winter! So, enjoy our style breakdown and the fashion rundown.

The heel factor

Our long boots come in a multitude of styles. Believe it or not, heel styles can make a big difference to long boots and also to your outfit. Standing a few inches taller is hardly the only advantage, which is why most of our shoes have a defined heel, even if it is a small one. A slight heel allows feet to rest in a more neutral position than they would in shoes with an entirely flat base.

Then again, there is the aesthetic factor. At Spendless Shoes, we love long boots with tall heels. One of our most iconic long boots is a dazzling thigh-high with a chunky block heel. In a sophisticated black faux suede finish, this style can be an elegant addition to a casual outfit or a way to spice up a formal outfit. These have no shortage of styling options, but over-the-knees like these make a chic pairing with sweater dresses and knit coats for winter. As a general rule, unless you are wearing a bold print, if your long boots stretch over the knees, then they will be your outfit's focal point.

For those still hesitant on heels but who love the look, we recommend a wedge heel. These are relatively low and very comfortable, and they are an excellent starting point if you are still on the fence about trying a taller heel.

Zippers or no?

At Spendless Shoes, the majority of our long boots come with zippers on the side. Fairly common, but they are a handy feature that allows women to quickly zip-up or unzip their long boots if they are in a hurry or need to take them off fast. It also provides shoes made from softer materials with more structure, so the long boots do not awkwardly flop or swag.

Dressing by colour

Matching colours with long boots is relatively straightforward. Neutral tones, grey cardigans, and knit jumpers go together beautifully with long boots in beige. Tan and black are the most versatile— they are easy to pair up with bright colours and prints. In contrast, long boots in paler shades tend to look washed out next to bold colours.

The price you'll pay

Regarding price, you are looking at $49.99 to $79.99. At Spendless Shoes, we offer flexible payment options like ZipPay and AfterPay. When you order shoes online with us through ZipPay and AfterPay, you can buy now and pay later. We will send you your order out as usual, and you can enjoy your new pair while paying it off in a series of instalments. A revolutionary concept made convenient and uncomplicated.

Let's have a quick recap. Long boots come in many shapes and sizes. Thigh-highs dominate an outfit more than a shoe below the knee. Long boots in tan and black are ideal for women who dress in dark or vibrant colours, while beiges pair best with earthy or neutral tones. Many styles also come with zippers, for a quick take on and off. At Spendless Shoes, you can find them all. Browse styles at your leisure when you shop with us online, where all our long boots are just a few clicks away.