Do You Make These Common Mistakes When Buying Mens Shoes?

Mens Shoes At Spendless

Spendless is always looking for new ways to improve customer's satisfaction. Today, we want to focus on the choices people do and don't make when buying men's shoes, and why they should put a little more thought into it. So, what are the most common mistakes people make when buying men's shoes?

1) Not choosing versatile styles

The beauty of men's shoes is that you can get away with only owning a handful of pairs. That is, as long as you choose men's shoes that will work across multiple settings and occasions.

Take trainers, for example. If you buy a pair of sport-only sneakers, you might be able to wear them to the gym or occasionally out to the shops without attracting some weird stares. But grab a pair of trainers, and suddenly your options open up. When it comes to men's shoes, a set of retro sneakers can work as everyday casual footwear, or even to a smart-casual event with some fitted pants and a sharp blazer. These men's shoes can dress up or dress down to the occasion, giving a relaxed or confident feel to the rest of your look.

In essence, if you can think of at least two places or occasions where one pair of men's shoes would be acceptable, then you are off to a good start.

2) Always buying one colour

As we said, with the right few pairs of men's shoes, you may not need to buy new ones until you want to, or until they wear out. For instance, the right pair of glossy and dressy black men's shoes can be a veritable one-pair army. These are capable of tackling wedding, everyday office wear, restaurants, fancy functions, and any other semi-formal occasion where a suit is required (if not mandatory).

If you have tried and tested the range of men's shoes at Spendless and found your must-have formal style, then pick it up in a second colour. Most kinds of men's dress shoes at Spendless come in both black and tan. Whether you love your comfortable slip-on styles with elastic gussets or your ever-faithful lace-up men's shoes, you can pick up the same pair in a different colour. Just like that, you have a second pair to switch things up and give your first set of men's shoes a break every once in a while. Plus, you give yourself more flexibility when it comes to what colours you can wear along with them.

3) Not taking the time to find the right fit

It does not matter how old you are or how much experience you have with shopping for men's shoes. Sometimes, it can be a pain. While buying online is extremely convenient and saves you time, it is often worth the extra effort to go and get yourself fitted properly.

Making sure your men's shoes are the right size is crucial for comfort. While laced styles might have the advantage of an adjustable fit, not every set of men's shoes is going to be as understanding. So, take the time to learn how your feet measure up. Are they slimmer or broader than average? How to different sizing systems (UK, AU, EU etc.) translate to your feet? At Spendless, our team is always ready to help customers find the right sizing for their men's shoes. You could ask a team member to help find your fit when you visit us in store or check out our sizing chart if you shop online.

Fit, colour, and versatility.

Keep these three things in mind the next time you are on the hunt for men's shoes. Will this change the way you shop? Browse styles at Spendless, where you can always get the look for less.