Comfortable Flats That Won’t Hurt Your Back!

Spendless Shoes is here to take the sting out of women’s flats!

If you’re tired of coming home with sore muscles and sorer feet, then we have the solution. Our styles look amazing and feel great on your feet, so we guarantee you’ll find something that fits your fancy. 

Why should you invest in comfy women’s flats?

Did you know that poorly-supported shoes can cause back, hip, and leg pain? It’s true! Stress and strain on your feet create a domino effect in your body that can cause a cascade of other aches. As such, it’s crucial that you have women’s flats that support your feet well and prevent muscle strain in other areas of your body. At Spendless Shoes, our best women’s flats come with supportive soles that can absorb shock as you walk or run, provide proper arch support, and keep you comfortable the entire time you wear them. 

Stay active with your women’s flats! 

If you’re looking for a good active style this season, then try our sporty slip-on styles. These women’s flats are flexible, lightweight, and feel fabulous on your feet. The mix of mesh and plushy material also creates air circulation. You will have no trouble finding women's flats in a shade that you adore since this look comes in an abundance of colours. Also, they’ll look great with all of your coolest athleisure clothes! 

What about something more formal?

At Spendless Shoes, we have some great options for formal settings too! Work is one place where you need shoes that don’t hurt your feet! Even if you sit at a desk most of the day, heels can be too much for some people to wear when they work nine-to-five. Unless heels are the mandatory office attire, there’s a good chance that you’ll be wanting women’s flats for the office. 

Spendless Shoes has some excellent ballet-style women’s flats that would do beautifully during your next shift. Our designs are the ideal mix of fashion and function. We have corporate and formal women’s flats that are comfortable enough to spend a day in and elegant enough to wear with your fanciest attire. If you have a dinner date waiting once the day is over, then these shoes will switch seamlessly into a restaurant setting too. 

Give your casual wear a boost!

If you want your women’s flats to be the height of style this season, then we advise that you grab a pair with leopard spots or snakeskin print. Not only will they keep your work clothes looking chic and stylish, but they will also double as a fabulous casual option too. 

Our laser-cut sandals and loafers are other top favourites for the fashionable ladies of 2019. However, we’re also bringing in sleek sling-back women’s flats, and you should keep an eye out for a pair! If you adore vintage fashion or had your heart stolen by our sling-back kitten heels last year, then these women’s flats are a non-negotiable item! 

Don’t forget these add-ons on your next shopping trip:

Some other foot-saving options that you can utilise along with your women’s flats are our incredible fabric and gel innersoles. Spendless Shoes has a collection of unique foot care accessories that can improve the feel of your women’s flats in an instant. If you need an extra layer of support under your feet, then innersoles will be the stuff of dreams! And, if your regular aches and pains aren’t enough to warrant orthotics, then you’ll love wearing our innersoles with your women’s flats. 

Try a pair from Spendless Shoes today!

Have fun and spend less on some cozy new women’s flats.