Comfortable Bridal Shoes From Ceremony To Afterparty

Our Comfortable Wedding Shoes 

Are you looking for the most comfortable wedding shoes? Need something that can last from start to finish? At Spendless, you can always get the look for less. Our wedding shoes are beautiful, practical, and –best of all— comfortable. So, let's examine your options!


These are the best wedding shoes if you expect to be present all the way through. At Spendless, we always want our customers to have the choice of style without sacrificing comfort, and when it comes to wedding shoes, these are the ones. Flats are all perfect for hours of walking, talking, and running, dancing, sitting, and occasionally singing. Beautiful, effortless styles that are first and foremost practical.

Low wedges and kitten heels

With these wedding shoes, you have the advantage of either a broad base or tiny point to stand on. You get a little shaping for your calves and ankles, but not enough to cause any stress and strain on them.

Block heels

We cannot talk about wedding shoes without talking about block heels. These are a heeled style that could see you through the entire event. Weight is distributed more evenly when you wear wedding shoes with wide heels, which in turn minimised the regular strain places on feet, ankles and calves that pumps and stilettos put on them. Not to mention, with wedding shoes that have a broad bottom base for balance, you should feel more confident to step out on the dance floor and celebrate.

These make gorgeous, glamorous wedding shoes. You can find simple styles with single straps around the toe and ankle, and elegant lace-up looks that stretch far up your calves. Our favourites come in rose gold, silver glitter, natural, and (of course) white.

Why not try both?

If you are desperate to wear heels in all the photographs, but find it hard to stomach the thought of more than a few hours in stilettos, then you should consider purchasing a sneaky extra pair of wedding shoes. Tucking a slim little slide or set of sandals into your bag and switching them over at the start of the after-party is not going to turn any heads. You can have your fun, look gorgeous, and then switch to your backup once your feet start feeling tender. It is the perfect plan!

Buy accessories for the best comfort

When it comes to wedding shoes, it can be challenging to find the perfect equilibrium between style and comfort. Either the wedding shoes look amazing but have an awkward fit, or they feel great and look mediocre.

Thankfully, Spendless has some tricks up their sleeves. If you have found wedding shoes that needs improvement for a better fit or feel, then you should be looking at our accessories.

We have several kinds of inserts, cushions, and innersoles that should help you find the best comfort for your feet. Our gel cushion can be placed onto the inside of your wedding shoes and stuck in place, so you enjoy the spongy goodness, and some relieve from the strain on your feet. Half-innersoles are a thinner fabric alternative and will be barely visible in your wedding shoes.

If the fit of your wedding shoes is the issue, we recommend some heel grips. These provide a little cushioning for the back of your heels and should prevent the slipping and friction that aggravates the skin and causes blisters.

So, what will it be?

Will your wedding shoes be sensible, low, and elegant? Will you choose to forgo the games, and buy a pair to slide on later in the night after your feet get sore? Whatever your choice, Spendless has a vast range of wedding shoes waiting for you online and in stores.