Bring Men’s Sandals Back into Fashion with These Styles

Reinvent your look with a hot new pair of men’s sandals! Are you tired of the same old styles every season? Is it time for you to lift your game and try something new? 2020 has arrived, so the time to update your collection of men’s sandals is now. If your resolution over New Year’s was to dress better and boost your self-confidence, then let Spendless Shoes take care of your footwear! We’ve got some excellent recommendations that can guide you towards your ideal pair of men’s sandals. From beach looks to sporty designs to our dressiest summer styles, we’ve got all sorts of options ready for you. Shall we go through a few now? 


Rediscover classic men’s sandals 


Retro slides would be a fantastic pick for any guy this season. Slide-on men’s sandals are always an excellent choice because they enable ease of wear and a quick on and off your feet. You’ll be glad that you don’t need to fiddle with lots of straps and laces during summertime when the weather is stifling, and your patience is thin. Also, our retro men’s sandals are more stylish than your typical beach thongs, so you can wear them out to more places. 


Given that they have a classic look, easy-to-match colour scheme, and trendy top stripes, our slides are a popular pairing with casual clothes and athletic attire too. Men’s sandals of this type have soles that are squishy and comfy underfoot, and that’s a big bonus also. Wherever your day goes, you can trust these to see you through it. If you want versatility from your slides this season, then Spendless has the men’s sandals for you. 


What about our woven designs? 


These styles are a cross between formal shoes and men’s sandals. Woven detailing covers the sides and top, creating their iconic look. You could wear men’s sandals like these with a suit, or with chino shorts and a collared shirt. The matte material finish has a modern feel that we know you’ll love as well. The partially open sides on woven men’s sandals allow for extra airflow and keep your feet from overheating, so they’re marvellous during summertime heatwaves. You can wear these the next time you have a special event, work function, or go out for dinner, and you know you’ll be outside in the heat. 


Think outside of the box with your men's sandals 


Fashion isn't everything. The function of a style can contribute more to its popularity than fancy decorations. Take beach thongs for an example. These men’s sandals aren’t what you’d typically call fashionable, but they are the ideal design during summertime. If you love the beach or find any excuse to go for a swim, then you’ll want a couple of our waterproof thongs waiting for you on the sidelines. Which men’s sandals would you wear into the water otherwise? Would you feel comfortable putting anything else on your feet when you’re soaking wet? Unless you plan to repurpose your rain boots for the poolside, nothing can beat your slide-on PVC men’s sandals. Also, we promise that they’re the best shoes to match up with your swimwear. You can choose block-colour or patterned versions this season.


We’ve barely scratched the surface! 


The rest of the men’s sandals at Spendless Shoes include hardwearing reef-walkers, trendy gladiator styles, and more! You’ve only seen a speck of the full spectrum of styles. So, if we’ve piqued your interest and you’re hungry for more, then it’s time for you to stop by! You can find standout men’s sandals at Spendless Shoes when you shop online or in-store. If you want to spend less and look great in 2020, then nowhere else will do!