Bridal shoes heel or flats which is best for me?

Bridal Heels or Flats, that is the question

So, the time has come once again for a wedding. You may or may not be the one walking down the aisle, but the bridal shoes you are looking for have to go well with not only your outfit but also the venue. Spendless Shoes is here to help you find the best bridal shoes for your wedding!


Heels are the perfect bridal shoes at any wedding, and there are so many types of heels that one can choose. At Spendless Shoes, our heeled bridal footwear comes in block heels, high heels, low heels, wedges and mules. What is so great about heels is that with all these types of bridal footwear, there is bound to be a style that you fall in love with. Oh, and ones that will also work with your dress.

Block heels are a great style of bridal shoes because they allow you a little extra comfort than a stiletto. Block heels from Spendless come in a range of colours such as black, white, nude, rose gold, pink and red. A well as this the block heel is not always high and there is a range of kitten heels so that they can be suitable bridal footwear for everyone.
We also have a range of bridal shoes with high heels, which are our stiletto range. This style is great for weddings because they are a well-known and classic style of bridal shoes. If tall heels are not for you, we also have a variety of kitten heels and shorter kinds. Our bridal footwear comes in a range of colours such as red, black, natural and rose gold.

Let's talk colour for a moment.

Black or white bridal shoes will never take the backbenches at a wedding, but metallic styles are quickly gaining popularity. Silver and gold (especially rose gold) are luring more and more bridesmaids. You can see the appeal— these are bridal shoes that can be worn again at other formal events without obviously instantly recognised as bridal footwear.
Finally, we have wedges and mules. Wedges and mules are a great style if you are attending a wedding and they are an acceptable style of heels that now are considered much dressier than years ago. The great thing about mules and wedges is the support they usually have a chunky heel or in wedges a wedge which allows you to move about all day without the need to take your shoes off.


If the thought of wearing heels from start to end seems like a daunting task, flat shoes would be a better fit for your bridal shoes. We do have a dedicated area to bridal shoes without heels as well. These come in all the best colours: rose gold, silver, and natural. Some bridal shoes even come with a little bling. If you are having a wedding on the beach or in a garden, flats are a fabulous choice. Plus, these are also bridal footwear that will not be packed into a box and forgotten for a few decades— you could certainly wear them again.


If you are after something more alternative, you can always look into having a boot as a wedding shoe or even a pair of sneakers! It all depends on where the wedding takes place!
If you are looking for a pair of bridal heels, then you can use our guide here to work out what is better for you heels or flats and then you can order online using our website and have them arrive straight to your door! Win, win!

Why wait? Find the perfect bridal shoes for your wedding when you shop at Spendless Shoes.